Pet Tech Products

Pet and robot

It won’t come as any surprise that the increasing popularity of tech products isn’t just exclusive to humans. In recent years, the pet tech industry has seen rapid expansion, with  products now available for everything your pet could ever want, including electronic pet toys, automated feeders, treat-dispensing trainers, self-cleaning litter boxes, and more.

Pet tech products

Pet tech products have been exploding in popularity in recent years. Automated pet feeders allow pet parents to program and monitor their pet’s feeding and watering habits both at home and remotely. They are also invaluable for pets who need to be fed on a schedule. Treat-dispensing trainers allow pet parents to play and interact with their animals, even when they aren’t around.

Pet monitoring cameras are useful for pet parents who want to check in on their animal throughout the day, and can conveniently be remotely accessed through most smart phones. GPS collars and trackers provide peace of mind to pet parents when out and about with their dog, and allow them to always know exactly where their pet is. Cat tracking collars are helpful for keeping tabs on your feline, should you choose to let them outdoors.

A self-cleaning litter box is another pet tech product which many pet parents have been adopting in recent years. Whether due to mobility issues or as a matter of preference, self-cleaning litter boxes take the hassle out of dealing with your cat’s waste. There are even smart training products for dogs that can teach them to use training pads in the home.

Other pet tech products include electronic doors and toys, which can provide your pet with convenient access throughout the home, as well as stimulating play. Some doors only open when it senses your pet’s collar or an implanted RFID microchip. This same technology is sometimes used in automatic feeders in order to ensure the right pet is getting the correct serving of food for their needs.

Pet tech apps

Pet tech has spilled beyond products, and into the world of apps. There are apps available for everything from tracking your pet’s feeding and watering habits, to booking walks, sitters, and grooming services, to health tracking apps that get their data from wearable monitors. This information can easily be accessed by humans to ensure their pet is well taken care of, as well as shared with their veterinarian in order to make health care decisions.

As with human technology products and services, safety and security should be top of mind when using pet tech products. Ensure that any connected devices are on a secure network, and that any passwords are strong. Install any security updates promptly and regularly, and don’t forget to read the fine print of any terms and conditions of use.

Pet tech might seem novel, but it can actually make caring for your pet and monitoring their health needs much easier.

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