Pet Houses, Fences & Gates

Dog in house

Pet houses, fences, and gates can help to keep your animal companions safe and secure at home and while out and about. There are houses, fences, and gates available in as many sizes and styles as you can imagine, making the process of narrowing down which is best for your needs a daunting task.

Pet houses

A pet house is an excellent item for those whose animal companion will be spending any period of time outdoors. Not only does it give your pet a space to claim as their own, it can help to provide protection from the elements in all sorts of weather conditions. While many people only think of dog houses, there are also outdoor enclosures for cats, and even outdoor hutches for rabbits.

Pet houses are made from wood or plastic, and should be sturdy and well ventilated. Consider how easy your pet’s house is to set up, move, and clean when looking at options. If the house has a door covering of any kind, ensure your pet can easily get in and out of it.

Most dog houses cost in the range of $70-$500, depending on the size of the house and the type of material used to build it. Of course, even fancier houses will cost more, but for a decent house pet parents should expect to shell out about $70-$500.

Fences for pets

Pet fences can help to keep your pet safely contained in your yard or while traveling. Wireless fence options are a popular choice because they do not interfere with the look of your property, and are easy to set up and train a pet to be aware of. The same can be said of underground dog fences, although they are a bit more labor-intensive to install.

Playpens for puppies can be used both indoors and outdoors in order to provide young pups with a secure spot to play. These sorts of pens can also be used for smaller animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, if you’d like to give them some supervised outdoor time.

Pet gates

Pet gates are useful in the home for keeping young, sick, or injured animals safely contained in a specific area. Pet gates are also helpful for keeping your animal companion out of certain areas of the home.

Pet gates are available in a number of sizes and styles, with the most popular being wood, plastic, and metal. They can be pressure mounted for use in hallways and between rooms, or wall-mounted for use at the top or bottom of stairs. There are even standing gates for pets that are small or respect the blockade that a gate provides. Some gates are extra tall, long, or angled, for use in non-standard-sized spaces. There are even pet gates that are available for outdoor use.

No matter how you want to contain your pet, there are plenty of houses, fences, and gates available that can help you to ensure their security and safety.

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