Pet Grooming Supplies

Pet being groomed

Providing your pet with bathing and grooming will help to ensure they live a healthy, comfortable life, and provides an excellent bonding opportunity for pets and their owners.

What does grooming mean?

Grooming refers to the hygienic care and cleaning of an animal, and includes steps such as bathing, brushing and trimming fur, brushing teeth, and trimming nails. Grooming can also refer to the process by which an animal’s physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other types of competition. While grooming is most often associated with dogs, animals such as cats, ferrets, and even birds engage in self-grooming behaviors, and benefit from regular grooming help from their humans.

How often should pets be bathed?

Pet experts recommend bathing a dog at least once every three months, although they can be bathed as often as every other week. If your dog starts to smell or has noticeable dirt on their coat, they’re probably due for a wash.

Cats are pretty good at bathing themselves, but if you notice your feline needs a little assistance in the grooming department, it’s safe to bathe them as frequently as every 4-6 weeks.

When it comes to other pets, a bath every 3 months or so is plenty for ferrets, unless they get dirty. Birds can get by with a weekly bath if they enjoy it, but bathing is actually not necessary for their health. Depending on the species of reptile, they will bathe in different ways. Use only tepid water, no soaps, and only let them soak for about 10 minutes at most. Be sure to freshen any soaking water after use, as the majority of reptiles will soil in their dish after soaking.

What do I need for grooming?

Grooming products make grooming your pet at home much easier, with endless options for pets of all kinds. Be sure to use products that have been specially formulated for your breed of pet, and avoid using human products as they are often too harsh for pets.

Shampoo is one of the easiest ways to wash your pet, removing buildup, grease, and dirt from your pet’s coat. There are many formulations available, from delicate skin to scent-free.

Wipes are ideal for use freshening up your pet in between full baths, or for pets which are very nervous around water.

A grooming table raises your pet up for brushing and trimming, helping take some of the pressure off of your back.

Clippers and scissors let you trim your pet’s fur. Dogs and cats with very thick coats will benefit from a shaving during hot summer months, or should their fur become matted. Scissors let you trim around the face and paws with ease.

Brushes and rakes help remove knots, distribute your pet’s natural oils throughout their coat, and remove hair and fur that is shedding.

Grooming your pet at home

If you’re planning to groom your pet at home, start them off with a bath. After bathing, ensure their coat is thoroughly dried before giving them a good brushing, taking special care around any matted areas. Next, use clippers or scissors to trim your pet’s fur to the desired level. Finally, clean your pet’s ears and trim their nails in order to complete their groom.

While most grooming measures can be completed by pet parents at home, if you are uncomfortable grooming your pet, you can always seek out the assistance of a professional groomer.

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