Pet Clothes & Accessories

Pets wearing clothes

The world of pet clothes and accessories is massive, with everything from shoes, dresses and sweaters, hats and bows available to keep your pet looking cute and fashionable, no matter the season or weather.

What is considered pet clothes and accessories?

Pet clothes is considered clothing that your pet wears. Whether it is a sweater for your ferret, or a dress for your dog, it’s all under the umbrella of pet apparel. Shoes and boots also fall under the clothes category, as do costumes. Accessories for pets include items such as hats, scarves, bandanas, socks, and bows. Anything that is added to complete or complement your pet’s clothing is considered an accessory.

Why would someone want to dress up their pet?

Some pet owners prefer to dress up their pet simply because they look cute, and enjoy the many outfit options available these days.

Other pet owners buy clothes for their pet because their breed is not suitable for the climate in which they live. Pets with minimal fur or hair will benefit greatly from a coat during the colder months, while pets with a thick, heavy coat benefit from cooling vests and the like during hotter temperatures.

Pets with medical conditions sometimes need clothing to help keep them from bothering problem areas, or to keep them warm. Pets that are older also enjoy clothing in order to help keep them comfortable.

How to size pet clothes

One of the most important considerations when it comes to buying apparel for your pet is ensuring the proper sizing and fit. Typically, measurements are taken around the neck and chest, with many items telling you how to measure your pet to ensure the best fit.

Not all manufacturers follow the same size guide, so it’s very important to always measure your pet and compare against the specific item you’re looking at in order to ensure a good fit. If your pet is between sizes or you’re unsure, it’s best to size up in order to provide enough room for your pet to breathe and move comfortably.

How do I get my pet to wear clothes?

Some pets love playing dress-up from the first time, while others are a little more resistant. If you want to help your pet become comfortable wearing clothes and accessories, start small and slow. You can try bandanas as a very gentle entry into clothes and accessories. Let your pet smell and inspect any apparel or accessories before attempting to dress them. Then, drape the clothing on their back for a few seconds while praising and rewarding them. Gradually increase the time the clothing is on your pet’s back. You can then begin putting your pet’s paws and/or neck into the clothing, while continuing to heap on the praise and rewards. As with the draping, start with a few seconds before working up to a minute or longer. Eventually, you can close and Velcro or button, and allow your pet to wear the clothing for extended periods.

Always supervise your pet when they are wearing clothes and accessories, and check them before each use to ensure there are no loose or damaged parts that could become a safety hazard.

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