Pet Cages, Crates & Accessories

Pet in crate

Pet cages and crates are convenient options for safely containing your pet. They are often lightweight and easy to set up, and can be helpful when traveling with your pet in order to ensure that they have their own space, or giving them a respite from noise and commotion within the home.

Pet cages

Some species, such as hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds, require a cage for their containment the majority of the time, while animals such as cats and dogs require space outside their cage or crate in order to be healthy and happy.

When choosing a cage for your pet, ensure you pick one that is large enough for their needs. As a general rule of thumb, your pet should have enough space to stand up, lie down, and move about freely. They’ll need enough space to have a separate area for eating and drinking, one for sleeping, and one for eliminating waste. Birds will need enough space to fully extend and flap their wings, as well as walk around comfortably. Try to purchase the largest cage as your space and budget will allow, and keep in mind the space that any toys or accessories will take up.

Other important considerations for cages are placement and bar spacing. Bars should be close enough together so that your pet cannot squeeze through and escape. For small birds and rodents, anywhere from about ¼-½ an inch is ideal, while dogs and cats can get by with a larger gap — up to about 3 inches. Ensure your pet’s cage is placed in an area that is out of direct sunlight and drafts to keep them comfortable. Your pet will also appreciate being in a low-traffic area, so they are not stressed out by too much activity or noise.

Clean your pet’s cage regularly — at least once a week — in order to keep them healthy and happy. Food and water should be changed daily, and any waste removed.

Pet crates

A crate is an excellent option for keeping dogs and cats secure when their owner is out during the day, as well as giving them a safe space to retreat to in case they feel stressed. Like cages, crates should offer enough room for your pet to stand and lay comfortably, but not so large that they will be inclined to soil in it.

Most crates are made of metal, which is strong enough to withstand chewing, and easy to set up and wipe clean. There are many dog crates that are decorative in styling, which helps them to blend into your home’s decor. Dog crate covers can also provide a stylish appearance, as well as give nervous animals a little more security and privacy.

Outdoor kennels are another crating option for pets, and are suitable for providing your pet with an enclosed space while outdoors. They come in various sizes, but most use mesh fencing to keep the animal contained. If your yard is unfenced or you don’t have an electric fence, a kennel can provide your pet with a secure space to enjoy the outdoors.

Pet cage and crate accessories

There are many accessories available for pet cages and crates, from toys and crocks to water bottles and covers.

Crate pans and pads provide a secure and comfortable base for your pet to rest on, and make cleaning a cinch. Products such as cage dryers make drying your pooch after a bath a little easier than simply using a towel.

With plenty of cages, crates, and accessories available, you’re sure to find a housing option to suit your pet’s needs.

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