Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

Pet bed

Pet beds, furniture, and accessories are not just a stylish addition to your home, in many cases they are incredibly functional pieces that provide your animal companion with a space to call their own.

Why does my pet need a bed?

Pets need a bed so that they have what they consider a secure spot to sleep. In the wild, many animals, including cats and dogs, create a den or nest for themselves to sleep in. This option is often removed with domestication, and by giving them a bed of their own, you can help satisfy this natural urge. If your pet has their own bed, it will also help to keep them off of your bed or other furniture in the home.

What to look for in a pet bed

When looking for a bed for your pet, be sure to pick an appropriate size. There are tons of options available in various shapes and colors to suit pets of all species and breeds. There are even specially designed beds for small dogs and large breed dogs, as well as for cats.

Look for a bed that provides an adequate level of support for your pet’s size, health needs, and personality. Beds with higher edges can provide a feeling of security to your pet. Keep in mind that many pets like to dig or chew their beds, so look for those with tougher fabrics if that’s likely to be an issue for you.

Other useful features to look for in a pet bed are a removable, machine washable cover, waterproof fabric, and hidden zippers.

What to look for in pet furniture

Most people think of cat towers and trees when they think of pet furniture, but there are plenty of other pet furniture options. Pet furniture provides plenty of functionality for day-to-day use, while often blending into the decor of your home. Sofas, chairs, and litter box furniture are just some of the furniture options available for pets. Scratching posts are another popular furniture option, and are especially useful if you want to stop a cat from scratching the couch.

Ensure any pet furniture you’re considering purchasing is well-built, solid, durable, and can be secured in case it is a tip or fall hazard. Consider how easy it is to clean, in case your pet dirties it.

What to look for in pet accessories

Pet accessories help make your pet’s bed and furniture just a little bit cozier. You can add a cooling pad or a heating pad to your pet’s bed to help keep them comfortable. Don’t forget to add a blanket to tuck them in at night. A window perch is an excellent accessory for allowing cats and toy breed dogs to enjoy the view outdoors. As with beds and furniture, look for items that are well-made and easy to clean.

Does IKEA have a good pet section?

A popular choice among the human crowd, IKEA also offers a comprehensive product range for animal companions, known as LURVIG. All products have been created by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians. They offer plenty of options for sharing life with your pet both indoors and outdoors, including beds, bowls, play tunnels, and walking and grooming gear.

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