The Best Emotional Support Dog Vests
Pet Walking Essentials

Emotional support dogs provide invaluable assistance to people suffering from mental or emotional disabilities. Since these animals perform such a vital role, it is important that they are easily identifiable. Emotional support dog vests are designed to communicate the status of an emotional support dog. They are often brightly colored, and feature prominent lettering. Wearing… Read More

The Best Automatic Litter Boxes

If you have a cat or two, chances are you have a litter box, even if your cat makes trips outside. And though scooping out a litter box is not usually a big deal, why not make your life even easier? An automatic litter box self cleans and does most of the work for you,… Read More

The Best Cat Costumes
Pet Clothes & Accessories

What is it about a cat in a costume that’s absolutely irresistible? Any cat owner knows their feline friends have a certain sophistication, but when that sophistication meets a cape or cap, it becomes adorable hilarity. Whether you’re entering a costume contest with your cat or just want a festive outfit for the holidays, there’s… Read More

The Best Dog Halloween Costumes
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Pug or poodle, the breed doesn’t matter, they all look adorable (and funny) dressed as a cowboy or Superman. Dog Halloween costumes spread the fun and joy of Halloween to everyone in your family, including the furry four-legged one. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and they let you turn your Shitzu into a… Read More

The Best Dog ID Tags
Pet Walking Essentials

An ID tag is more than just cute jewelry for your pet: it’s the first line of defense when it comes to getting a missing pet returned, even before a microchip. It’s the quickest way for someone to find out how to get in touch with you if they find your pet but it’s also… Read More

The Best Cat Nail Caps
Pet Dental & Nail Care

Ok, so it’s easy to count the benefits of having a pet cat. You love their companionship, playfulness, and aside from a periodic feeding and litter box clean-up, their ability to take care of themselves. But you also love your furniture — and your kitty’s fondness for using the couch as a nail sharpener can… Read More

The Best Small Dog Dresses
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Dressing up your small dog is a fun and entertaining experience for both pup and owner alike, and there is no shortage of adorable dresses for dogs available for this purpose. Finding the best small dog dress for your canine companion means reading reviews, studying product features, and diving into the ins and outs of… Read More

The Best Dog Hair Bows
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Any fashion-forward pet parent knows how cute their beloved dog looks dressed up. That’s why we created our guide to the best dog dresses. A dog hair bow can help complete the look. Having the right bow can do more than just complete an outfit. It can be the focal point of your dog’s look… Read More

The Best Dog Paw Protectors
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Dog paw protectors keep your dog’s paws safe against the cold snow, hot pavement, or sharp rocks. Depending on what climate you live in or how you spend time with your dog, having dog paw protectors on hand can make it easier to go on long walks with your pup no matter the weather. Check… Read More

The Best Dog Shirts
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Dog shirts are clothing that’s specifically designed to fit your dog. If your dog feels the cold, or has allergies, you may wish to use a dog shirt to keep them warm and comfortable. We reviewed dozens of dog shirts to identify the best of the best. We looked at features such as the fabric… Read More

The Best Dog Hats
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Dog hats are useful accessories which help protect your pet against extreme weather conditions such as harsh sunlight and freezing temperatures. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and are designed to fit securely on dogs of all shapes and sizes. We reviewed dozens of dog hats to identify the best… Read More

The Best Dog Sunglasses
Pet Clothes & Accessories

It’s fun to spend time outdoors with your dog, but have you considered protecting their eyes from the sun’s powerful rays? That’s right, sunglasses aren’t just for humans. They are also great for keeping your dog’s eyes safe and comfortable when it’s sunny outside. But of course, sunglasses made for people are not the best… Read More

The Best Dog Bandanas
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Many people choose to put bandanas on their dogs. They are a fun way to express your personality and celebrate special occasions. Some dog bandanas can even keep your dog cool. We have reviewed dozens of dog bandanas to identify the best of the best. We considered quality, appearance, fit, cooling features where applicable, and… Read More

The Best Dog Dresses
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Many dog owners like to include their dogs in their special events. Whether it is dressing up for a day or getting ready for a big event, there are times when your dog is going to need a dress. Dog dresses make it easy to give your dog a special appearance so that she can… Read More

The Best Dog Anxiety Wraps

While many dogs seem happy go lucky for the majority of the time, our beloved pets can face circumstances which cause them to become anxious. Whether it’s a fierce thunderstorm, a trip to the vet, or unscheduled time alone. Anxiety wraps are designed to help soothe your dog when they’re feeling anxious or stressed. They… Read More

The Best Dog Anxiety Vests

It’s absolutely heart breaking when your dog, who fancies himself your protector, whimpers or shakes with anxiety. Whether we like it or not, no dog -big or small, is immune from anxiety. And they don’t always show their anxiety in such timid ways, either. If you’re struggling with your dog and his anxious responses to… Read More

The Best Dog Raincoats
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Unless you have a dog who has been trained to use the restroom like a human, there’s a pretty good chance your dog will need to go to the bathroom in the rain at some point. Having a dog means dealing with the wet dog consequences of those rainy potty trips. It means paw prints… Read More

The Best Small Dog Sweaters
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Domesticated dogs have come a long way from their wolf ancestors. In some instances, we mean that quite literally. A dog that has been bred for shorter hair, or originated in warmer climates is not suited to the cold Northern winters. Yet, as humanity migrates, relocates, and travels, we bring our beloved pets with us;… Read More

The Best Large Dog Sweaters
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Just like humans, dogs can get cold, especially those who have short fur and were originally bred for warmer climates. If you live in a colder region or your pooch commonly shows signs of being cold, you might want to consider investing in a dog sweater. For smaller dogs, finding a sweater is normally pretty… Read More

The Best Dog Winter Coats
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Whether or not you live in a cold climate, your dog may benefit from wearing a dog winter coat. Dog winter coats can keep your dog warm when it’s cold outside and dry from the cold rain if it has a waterproof lining. Plus, many dog winter coats serve as a fun fashion statement, with… Read More

The Best Dog Hoodies
Pet Clothes & Accessories

During the cold winter months, some dogs need an extra layer of protection against the elements. Enter: dog hoodies. Dog hoodies provide a blend of function and style, keeping your pooch warm and looking trendy. Small dogs, dogs with short hair, and older dogs are more likely to need a hoodie or sweater to keep… Read More

The Best Dog Blankets
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

As a dog owner, you want your dog to be comfortable, warm, and well-rested. A dog blanket that’s created specifically for your dog may feature a cute dog print or have features that make it ideal for your dog. The best dog blanket often depends on your pet’s size and needs. Larger dogs need larger… Read More

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The 51 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for Your Feline-Loving Friends and Loved Ones Nearly everyone has a cat-lover in their life. If you have a devoted feline fanatic on your holiday gift-giving list this year and you’re looking for a unique gift that reflects her adoration of cats, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded… Read More

When it comes to picking out gifts this year, you can’t forget your dog – or gifts for dog lovers! After all, they love you unconditionally all year long, and this is your chance to show them that it’s reciprocated. Whether you want to take the time to hand select each and every item going… Read More

Dogs are man’s best friend for good reason; they’re intuitive, never judge, and always excited to see you and be by your side. According to, dog people show their pets how much they care too! In a report, called “The Real Power of Dog Love,” Rover found that 67% of devoted dog owners gaze… Read More

Pet Clothes & Accessories

Our dogs are big-hearted, lovable friends who truly understand the joy of living. From indoor snuggles to outdoor romps, we love our time with them. We want the absolute best for them. And one of those “best” things: dog boots, to keep them safe, comfortable, and protected. All dog boots are sized differently, so ensure… Read More