Choosing your cat’s everyday food and once-in-awhile treats can be a tricky thing: Cats are notoriously picky, and cat foods are notoriously filled with ingredients that could make your hair stand on end. Which brings us to the question: what are the most nutritious organic cat foods? The most natural canned feasts? The best organic cat food brands? Many cat parents have asked these questions in the quest to provide only the best, most nutritious, and tastiest diet for their favorite felines.

We know there’s a lot to consider when picking the best food for your lovable little ball of fur and sometimes it can be a daunting task. We looked at dozens of organic cat foods to find the best of the best, based on a careful review of ingredients, cost, Amazon ratings, and more. We narrowed our search down to 5 of the best natural and organic cat foods sure to please the finickiest of felines.

Top pick
BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Meet BLUE Wilderness, the best natural cat food you can buy for adult cats.

$40.99 USD

One natural cat food brand stood out among the pack: BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food. With its 7 varieties, none of which containing anything artificial, corn, wheat, soy or any by-products, it’s an excellent choice for cat lovers who want to provide a top-quality diet for their pets.

Our Top 5 Picks for Organic Cat Foods

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallBlue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Cat Food4.5
Runner UpNatural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food4.3
Best Budget BuyRachael Ray's Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food4.2
Best Organic Dry Cat FoodOrganix Grain Free Organic Cat Food4.0
Best Organic Wet CatFoodNewman's Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats (with Organic Ingredients)

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Cat Food aims to let your feline friends indulge in their natural instincts. This premium natural cat food is inspired by the diets of wildcats, giving your indoor cat a diet that will rival their more fearsome, wild counterparts.

Included in this food are “LifeSource” bits, which are mixed in with the other food and contain a blend of vitamins and minerals. At least 36% of its recipe is comprised of crude protein and 12% crude fat in a balance that is sure to give your kitty the nutrients she needs while maintaining a healthy body weight. They’ve also added in both Omega-3s and Omega-6s to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

There are over 1900 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.5, so we know we aren’t alone in putting this at the top of our list. And at just under $35 for an 11 pound bag, it’s well worth the price tag.

BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food Key Features:

  • 5 Flavors: Chicken Grain Free, Chicken Weight Control, Indoor Chicken Formula, Chicken Weight Control & Hairball Formula, and Duck
  • Inspired in your cat’s ancestral diet, this dry food offers a perfect nutritional balance
  • Omega-3,Omega-6s and Taurine for optimal nutrition
  • Made in the USA

Runner Up: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

Runner Up
Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food

Ideal for cats with food sensitivities, allergies or digestive issues thanks to its limited ingredients.

$18.78 USD

For kitties who require a limited diet, whether due to food sensitives, intolerances, allergies, or digestive issues, Natural Balance delivers with this Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food. And those without food sensitivities will still benefit from the nutrition without any of the extra ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Though each variety has a limited list of natural ingredients – an animal protein, rounded out by pea protein and healthy fats – this crunchy kibble still manages to deliver the nutrients necessary to maintain optimal feline health, a shiny coat, and healthy digestion. Each flavor contains no grain and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With a rating of 4.3 and over 1300 reviews on Amazon, this is one of the best selling Limited Ingredient Diet dog foods without question. If you want to try it out, you can buy as small as a 2 pound bag for just under $10 so the risk is minimal and the potential is maximum.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Key Features:

  • 4 Flavors: Green Pea & Chicken, Green Pea & Duck, Green Pea & Salmon, and Green Pea & Venison
  • 100% grain-free, limited ingredient diet provides balanced nutrition for cats of all life stages
  • Contains no artificial flavors or flavors, or bleached ingredients

Budget Pick: Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food

Best for Budget

An excellent choice for the budget-minded pet parent who wants a quality diet for their cat.

$11.59 USD

Who better to prepare your cat’s food, than a chef who makes people food? Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food offers you a natural cat food, sourced from farm-raised chicken, hearty brown rice, and plenty of vegetables – a wholesome kitty diet, similar to what you’d cook her yourself.

Even if you don’t spend a fortune on this cat food, you can feel outstanding about where your money’s going. A portion of the proceeds go to the Rachael Ray Foundation and through that, to Rachael’s Rescue – a charity that has donated over $21 million to help pets in need.

There are over 1200 reviews on this cat food giving it a 4.3 rating on Amazon and the value is undeniable with its 14 pound bag costing only $20. It’s given the Amazon choice label for “Rachael Ray cat food” but we think it’s a great choice for more than just that category. Giving your cat this food will save your wallet and when it comes from a name you already know with a brand you trust, all the better.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food Key Features:

  • 2 Flavors: Chicken & Brown Rice, and Salmon & Brown Rice
  • Made with real chicken (#1 ingredient) and without any corn, wheat, soy, fillers, or poultry by-products, and with no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Added vitamins, minerals and taurine to promote feline health

Best Organic Dry Cat Food: Organix Grain Free Organic Dry Cat Food

Best Organic Dry Cat Food
Organix Grain Free Organic Cat Food

A perfect blend of organic chicken and vegetables to deliver complete nutrition.

$27.82 USD

If Organix fits the bill but your kitties are on a grain-free diet, look no further than Organix Grain Free Organic Cat Food. A blend of organic chicken, organic peas, organic potatoes and organic lentils delivers a full nutritional profile, without the grains – or corn, wheat, soy or fillers. It also comes in three recipes, one for each stage of your beloved cat’s life, to make sure your cat is always getting exactly what she needs when she needs it.

As with all Organix organic cat foods, this kibble is produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, or added growth hormones. All ingredients are made within the USA and have an organic certification from the USDA, so you can be confident there are no ingredients that have been stored in a crate while shipped across the ocean.

On Amazon, it is given the label of Amazon’s choice for “Organix Cat Food” and its 4.1 rating shows that it’s a cat-favorite for plenty of families.

Organix Grain Free Organic Dry Cat Food Key Features:

  • 1 Flavor: Chicken & Potato
  • Modified recipe for each stage of life: Kitten, Adult and Senior
  • 100% grain-free, organic cat food with chicken as the #1 ingredient (34% protein)
  • Made in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth, with no ingredients from China

Best Organic Wet Cat Food: Newman’s Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats (with Organic Ingredients)

Best Organic Wet Cat Food

Sourced from premium meats, Newman’s Own Premium Canned Formulas comes in four scrumptious flavors.

$40.02 USD

Newman’s Own delivers with Newman’s Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats (with Organic Ingredients)a professionally developed recipe for high-quality organic canned cat food, sourced from premium meats. Four flavors deliver serious flavor without nasty by-products, preservatives, or kitty red-flags, like corn or wheat. And in each of their flavors, you’ll note the first and primary ingredient is meat.

You’ll want to take note that this cat food isn’t made exclusively with organic ingredients, only 70%. If you take a look at the ingredient list, though, the big ticket items are organic. (But if you want the dried kelp organic, too, you’ll need to look elsewhere.)

Its rating on Amazon of 4.0 with over 500 reviews, definitely makes it worth a look if you want an organic wet cat food option. For under $35 you can get 24 cans, making the cans of 5.5 ounces a better value, but the convenience of the 3 ounce cans may sway you toward that option instead.

Newman’s Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats (with Organic Ingredients) Key Features:

  • 4 Flavors: Chicken & Brown Rice, Chicken & Salmon, Turkey, and Turkey & Vegetables
  • Contains certified organic ingredients, including organic vegetables and organic grains; does not contain any corn, wheat, hormones, chemical ingredients, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or antibiotics
  • Available in 2 sizes:  3 oz or 5.5 oz (each sold in a case of 24)
  • Made in the USA

Who Should Buy Organic Cat Food

You may be sold on organic food for your diet, but how do you know if an all organic diet is right for your precious feline? There are a lot of considerations to make, and not the least of which is the availability of truly cat organic cat food. While we have several products on our list, unfortunately there aren’t as many organic options and therefore you may find yourself limited in variety. You can find Natural and high quality alternatives, but if you find an organic cat food that works for your kitty, hold on tight!

If your cat has allergies, you may want to make the switch to an organic cat food. Organic foods typically have fewer ingredients and those ingredients are inspected and held to a higher standard in order to be certified organic. You definitely will need to factor in the supply and demand component: There aren’t a ton of organic cat foods, despite there being plenty of demand for it. That has inevitably made it a bit more expensive than a standard bag of cat food. So while you may concede organic to be better for your cat, you still may not be realistically able to give it to her.

Finally, organic cat foods are the right option for anyone who’s particularly conscious of the environment in which their cat’s food is produced. Organic food uses no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers nor does it have any GMOs. While the research isn’t yet conclusive on whether organic cat food is generally a better product, you can base this decision on the research that has been done and form your own opinion o see it it’s worth it for your family.

Top pick
BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Meet BLUE Wilderness, the best natural cat food you can buy for adult cats.

$40.99 USD

Important Features to Consider

When you’re looking through to pick your cat food, there are some features that you’ll need to consider to ensure you’re choosing a quality food for your cat:

  • Raw foods. In their ancestral form, cats certainly didn’t cook their food and often you’ll hear the argument that your house cat should also eat raw foods. While there is some truth to that, it’s important to be careful with raw foods. They carry an increased risk of salmonella and listeria – even packaged foods. So do your homework if you opt for raw and minimize the risks.
  • Probiotics. There’s a good chance your cat will benefit from a food with probiotics. Studies have shown probiotics cause positive changes in the intestinal bacteria of a cat. These changes can help with everything from inflammation to a strengthened immune system.
  • Hydration. Cats may be domestic, but their bodies are still suited for the diet of mice and small rodents. Considering mice are 60%-70% water, you want to make sure your house cat is replacing not just the nutrients of the mouse, but the moisture as well. This may lend you to a wet food or it may convince you to put multiple water dishes throughout your house and as long as your cat is getting a proper hydration, both would should work fine.
  • Ability to set routine. If your cat is a creature of strict habit (as a lot of cats are), you’ll want foods that will foster that ability. If she needs to eat at a certain time, and you have a flexible working schedule, you may want to look into dry foods that you can leave out for her. If she needs to have wet foods, you may want to look into one that comes in smaller cans so you won’t have to keep half in the refrigerator. You want something sustainable and consistent for your kitty’s food. You won’t want to splurge on occasional fancy foods because she may very well go on a hunger strike when you go back to normal.
  • Obesity prevention. It’s important to look at the nutrition and fat content of your cat’s food while you’re picking it out. You need to always have in your mind this simple fact: it is far easier to keep your cat from becoming obese than it is to try to get your willful and stubborn cat to shed those pounds.
  • Natural preservatives. Store bought cat food is going to need preservatives, but you may want to look for the more natural kinds. That is typically in the form of Vitamin C or E.
  • Made in the USA. Patriotism or no, if your cat’s food is coming from the other side of the world you know it’s likely not the freshest. And on the other side of the world, the standards for food production may be drastically different. This is a simple case of practicality; Buy it where they make it.
  • Ingredients. The FDA requires pet foods to list their ingredients in order from most to least based on weight and label the percentages of protein, fat, fiber and moisture. This will make it a lot easier for you to see what kind of quality your cat food is. Look for foods that list a specific meat first and if any grains are included, whole grains are best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better for cats: wet or dry food?

This is a question best answered by your vet as it applies directly to your cat’s individual needs. You can find a cat food that is nutritionally sufficient in either wet or dry foods. You may find it easier to get the quality nutrition in a wet foods because, generally, the wet food is more expensive; and while not an absolute, usually the more expensive a product the better its quality.

The biggest difference is the moisture content. Your wet foods contain about 75% moisture and your dry foods are about 10%. This may go a long way in keeping your cat hydrated if you find she isn’t drinking enough. That extra hydration may help your kitty’s bones and muscles, but that’s nothing you can’t get with proper water consumption. Dry foods, however, may be good for her teeth in a way that outweighs the benefits of the extra hydration.

Convenience may sway you to find a better dry food. You don’t need to refrigerate unused foods, and you can leave it out all day for the cat to nibble as she chooses. Vets will usually say a combination of the two is ideal because it will give you the best of both worlds.

What should I feed my old cat?

Even if your cat still looks and acts like she did as a young cat, once she gets to be about 12 or so you may want to consider changing her diet. They are subject to the same effects of aging that we are so you will want to look out for creaky bones and a lack of activity may lend to your kitty plumping up some. You may want to consider a leaner food for her or maybe minimizing the quantity. Sometimes just changing or minimizing treats can help.

Dental disease may make it so that she needs a softer food, and therefore you may want to look into wet foods (or adding moisture to her dry food, at least). There are other nutritional needs you’ll want to accommodate for, as well. Plenty of fish oil will help joints and brain power. Taurine will help the heart muscles and eyes function so including that in her diet may help your kitty’s sight last for longer. Older cats can’t process fats as well so you’ll want to choose foods that include roughly 10% fat for dry food or 4% for wet.

How much should I feed my cat, wet and dry?

As a general rule, you want to feed your cat about 25-35 calories per pound each day. So your 8 pound cat should get 200-280 calories a day. Dry food is roughly 300 calories per cup and wet food is approximately 250 calories per 6 ounce can. Some fast math shows that if you’re giving your 8 pound cat dry food, give her just under a cup every day. For wet food, you’ll be okay just giving her half the 6 ounce wet food can in the morning and the other half in the evening.

If she eats everything in her bowl at once, you may want to space it out even more so she doesn’t beg for more later when she’s feeling a bit peckish. Should she supplement her diet with some hunting you may want to consider backing off on the portions of food you give her, as well.

How do I get my cat to lose weight?

The first step of controlling your cat’s weight is controlling her calorie intake. This may look like cutting her portions or it may be just switching from her high fat food. If you plan on switching your cat’s current food brand, consider the cat food options listed in our post on the best diet cat foods. In the case of cats with outside access, you may want to limit her hunting (of other creatures that could become food). Limiting treats may be a big help, too.

After you have her diet under control, you’ll want to take a look at your cat’s activity. When you can, play with her. If you’re worried that you’re not able to spend enough time playing with her to make a difference, then you’ll want to give her toys that will keep her active. That can be simple toys or you can create an involved environment for her with cat posts and elevated places for her to play or sleep.

In addition to worrying about your cat gaining too much weight, sometimes pet owners will have the opposite problem, especially if the cat has hyperthyroid issues. Read our vet advice on how to make a hyperthyroid cat gain weight.

Other Cat Foods We Reviewed

Top pick
BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Meet BLUE Wilderness, the best natural cat food you can buy for adult cats.

$40.99 USD

We reviewed 46 other top rated organic cat foods and listed them below. While they didn’t land in our top 5 picks, they’re the best of the rest and may be a good option to consider if one of our top 5 organic cat foods doesn’t work for your cat. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Grain-Free Organic Cat Food

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Meow

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Meow

This all natural, grain free cat food recipe contains chicken thigh, breast and liver, asparagus, carrots, cantaloupe, and spinach. It’s a protein-rich option that’s suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes.

Key Features:

  • High protein recipe
  • Gluten free
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Cost: Visit site for price

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Dry Adult Cat Food

Blue Buffalo’s holistic cat food is packed with nutrients, including the essential amino acids, complex carbs, healthy garden veggies, and fresh fruits you want in a food, fortified with the high-quality proteins your cat requires. Even better, this kibble contains no artificial preservatives or flavors, and no corn, soy, wheat or chicken/poultry by-products.

Key features:

  • 3 Flavors/Varieties: Chicken, Fish, and Weight Control
  • 100% grain-free cat food is easily digestible and naturally healthy
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $17-$30 (5 lbs. or 11 lbs.)

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Adult Cat Food

Even kitties with digestive issues deserve an ancestral diet! Enter this offering from Blue Buffalo, which rolls all the biologically appropriate goodies of their standard kibble, in a grain-free formula of high-quality meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. As the Blue Buffalo motto states, when you love your cats like family, you also feed them like family.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors: Duck Grain Free, Chicken Hairball Formula Grain Free, Indoor Chicken Grain Free, and Salmon Grain Free
  • Natural, 100% grain-free cat food employs high-quality proteins, vegetables and other ingredients to provide optimum nutrition
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $10-$26 (2 lbs. to 12 lbs.)

Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Formulated to mirror your cat’s ancestral diet, this gluten-free, grain-free, high-protein dry cat food offers a wholesome balance of nutrients. Highly digestible and rich in real meat, poultry and fish, this natural cat food has a freeze-dried coating to seal in freshness, taste, vitamins, and minerals, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a soft and shiny coat, probiotics to support healthy digestion, and antioxidants for immune system health.

Key features:

  • 5 Flavors: Chicken, Duck & Turkey, Rabbit, Duck and Turkey, and Salmon
  • 100% grain-free, gluten-free cat food does not contain soy, wheat, corn or fillers
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $10-$35 (2.2 lbs. to 12.1 lbs.)

Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

The proof is in the details: this natural cat food offering not only utilizes wholesome ingredients – real meat and poultry, garden fruits and veggies, and zero grains – but then freeze-dries the outer coating to seal in flavor and nutrients. The result is a dry kibble that’s rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals – all the elements necessary to build a biologically appropriate, ancestral diet that fulfills all your cats’ nutritional needs.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors: Chicken, Duck & Turkey, Rabbit, and Salmon
  • 100% grain-free, natural cat food with no gluten, no wheat, no corn, no soy, no fillers, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Mirrors the protein-rich diet your cat would hunt down in nature

Cost: $10-$35 (2.2 lbs. to 12.1 lbs.)

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

If food choices are the most important decision we make for our cats on a daily basis, then the choice to go grain-free is the best one we can make for our sensitive fur-babies. This 100% grain-free, natural cat food contains the good stuff, like real fish, chicken and eggs, as well as fresh veggies, and leaves out red flags like corn, wheat and soy. It’s all the nourishment your grain-free kitties need, free of all the things they don’t.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors: Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe; and White Meat Chicken Recipe
  • 100% grain free, natural cat food uses protein (white-meat chicken or fish) as the #1 ingredient
  • Contains absolutely no poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy

Cost: $9-$26 (3 lbs. to 11 lbs.)

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Cat Food

Picky cats tend to appreciate variety: what they ate yesterday may not be what they want today. But variety can be tough to find, when you won’t settle for anything less than a natural canned cat food. Enter Rachael Ray’s Nutrish, which is offered in 10 very different (and whisker-licking) flavors, all coated in a tasty gravy. As with other Nutrish offerings, this natural cat food contains no corn, wheat or soy.

Key features:

  • 10 Flavors/Varieties: Variety Pack – Chicken Lovers, Variety Pack – Fish Lovers, Chicken & Salmon Catterole, Chicken & Shrimp Pawtenesca, Chicken Purrcata, Lip Smackin’ Sardine ‘n Mackerel, Ocean Fish & Chicken Catchiatore, Ocean Fish-A-Licious, Paw Lickin’ Chicken & Liver, and Tuna Purrfection
  • 100% grain-free, natural canned cat food, with no meat by-products, fillers, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Added vitamins and minerals fulfill your cat’s nutritional needs

Cost: $12-$36 (12-pack to 24-pack)

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Cat Food

If you’ve made the decision to forego grains for your kitty, then check out Rachael Ray’s grain-free alternative: made from simple, natural ingredients, this dry cat food swaps grains for hearty ingredients like peas, cranberries and potatoes to build a complete and balanced diet that won’t aggravate allergies or upset tummies.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors: Chicken & Potato, and Whitefish & Potato
  • 100% grain-free natural cat food, made with real chicken (#1 ingredient) and without any corn, wheat, glutens, soy, fillers, or poultry by-products, and with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Added vitamins, minerals and taurine to promote feline health

Cost: $10-$42 (3 lbs. to 12 lbs.)

TAPA Natural Wet Grain Free Cat Food

When is a natural wet food more than just a natural wet food? When it’s TAPA, a 100% grain-free, high-quality cat food that comes packed in freshness-sealed packages. One thing that make it stand out? All ingredients are 100% natural and human-grade – the same wild-caught salmon, tuna, grass-fed beef and chicken breast you’d eat. And hey, if you have a feline cheese addict, there’s even one flavor that incorporates cheese! Even

Key features:

  • 6 Flavors: Chicken Breast & Duck, Chicken Breast & Pumpkin, Chicken Breast & Cheese, Chicken Breast & Beef, Bonito Tuna & Shrimp, and Wild-Caught Salmon & Beef
  • Feel good about your purchase: 10% of profits are donated to help service animals
  • Ethically sourced, ingredients are dolphin- and turtle-safe

Cost: $30 for 12 pouches

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Looking for a grain-free, natural cat food that holds itself to high standards? Wellness CORE deserves a good, hard look: with four flavors to get your cats’ mouths watering, this food not only offers variety but also a dense and high-quality nutritional profile: the proteins, probiotics, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals cats need throughout all life stages.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors/Varieties: Indoor Chicken & Turkey Formula; Kitten Formula; Original Turkey, Chicken & Whitefish Formula; and Turkey & Duck Formula
  • All-natural cat food, with absolutely no corn, wheat, wheat gluten, soy or meat by-products; does not contain artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • Made in the USA and backed by the Wellness Guarantee

Cost: $10-$47 (2 lbs. to 12 lbs.)

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Even kitties enjoy the occasional indulgence! Wellness delivers again, this time with a healthy, all-natural wet cat food that offers up savory sauces and succulent morsels of seafood and poultry. Fatty acids, essential vitamins, and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies add to the appeal, which is available in – wait for it – 17 different flavors. Your cat will never hunger-strike again.

Key features:

  • 17 Flavors: Chicken, Crab & Herring; Chicken, Duck & Shrimp; Gravies Chicken & Turkey; Gravies Tuna & Mackerel; Morsels Chicken & Chicken Liver; Morsels Chicken & Salmon; Morsels Chicken & Turkey; Morsels Salmon & Tuna, Morsels Tuna, Morsels Turkey & Duck; Salmon & Chicken; Salmon & Tuna; Shreds Chicken & Turkey; Shreds Tuna & Shrimp; Tuna; Turkey & Chicken; and Turkey & Duck
  • All-natural cat food contains only premium ingredients; no wheat, wheat gluten, soy, or corn, and no artificial flavors or colors
  • Easy-open, ready-to-serve containers make mealtime fast & easy

Cost: $24-$30 for 24 pouches

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw-Inspired Cat Food

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw-Inspired Cat Food

Cats are carnivores, which means that their natural diet is raw. We’ll spare you all the gory details, but suffice it to say, they’re accustomed to a diet that’s a little more primal than your average canned cat food. That’s why Wellness TruFood offers this raw-inspired, natural wet food: high-quality proteins and fresh vegetables, fortified with superfoods, vitamins and minerals.

Key features:

  • 3 Flavors: Chicken, Green Beans & Chicken Liver; Green Beans, Beef & Lamb; and Pumpkin, Lamb & Duck
  • 100% grain-free, all-natural raw wet cat food contains no wheat, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial flavors
  • Easy-to-serve cups are individually packed, making mealtime a breeze

Cost: $38-$60 (Pack of 24)

Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Cat Food

A second offering from Wellness, this TruFood kitty food offers 70% more raw protein than standard extruded kibble diets. Consider it a cat superfood in a crunchy nugget, packed full of whole foods sourced from field, farm and sea. What you won’t find here are potatoes, wheat, or any grains, or any of the standard-food nasties: no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors/Varieties: Chicken & Chicken Liver, Indoor, Kitten, and Salmon & Turkey Liver
  • 100% grain-free, all-natural cat food; contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and is guaranteed to be free of wheat, potato, corn, soy, and meat by-products
  • Made in North America and backed by the Wellness Guarantee

Cost: $10-$40 (2 lbs. or 10 lbs.)

Organic Cat Food for Adult Cats

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food

If you resist the idea of one-size-fits-all cat food – everyone knows that one-size anything fits no one! – then you’ll love Blue Buffalo’s full range of natural cat foods. Employing wholesome ingredients, like fresh chicken, wholesome whole grains, and garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, this natural cat food brand produces dry kibble designed for the individual needs of indoor cats, kitties with sensitive stomachs, feline weight problems, kitties that suffer from hairballs, and even multi-cat households.

Key features:

  • 9 Flavors/Varieties: Chicken, Chicken Hairball Formula, Chicken Indoor, Chicken Weight Control Hairball Formula, Duck Weight Control, Chicken & Turkey Recipe – Multi Cat, Chicken Sensitive Stomach, Chicken Weight Control Formula, and Salmon Indoor
  • Holistic ingredients incorporate fresh meat and vegetables, and contain no poultry by-products
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $10-$32 (3 lbs. to 15 lbs.)

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Cat Food

For kitty parents seeking a well-balanced natural cat food, this dry food enters the fray with the promise of optimal protein, fat and carbohydrate levels. Eagle Pack sweetens the pot with antioxidant support and an infusion of omega fatty acids – absolute musts for cats who spend most of their time indoors.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors/Varieties: Chicken & Oatmeal Formula, and Indoor Formula
  • 100% all-natural cat food, made with real-food ingredients including chicken and vegetables; does not contain wheat, corn, or meat by-products, or any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Made in the USA and backed by the Eagle Pack Guarantee

Cost: $16-30 (5.9 lbs. or 12 lbs.)

Halo Spot’s Stew Cat Food

If you wish you had enough time to cook for your kitties, you’re going to love Spot’s Stew from Halo. This natural cat food is based on the idea of nourishing the “whole animal” – your kitty, inside and out, from fur to eyesight. The result is a “stew” of wholesome animal meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

Key features:

  • Flavors: Wholesome Chicken, Wild Salmon, and Sensitive Cat
  • Natural cat food contains real, butcher-quality meat; does not contain corn, wheat or wheat gluten, rendered meat/poultry/fish, or plant meals
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $13-$45 (3 lbs. to 11.5 lbs.)

Holistic Select Natural Dry Cat Food

This holistic cat food uses a proprietary recipe of high-quality, all natural ingredients – real meat and fish, antioxidant-rich superfoods, healthy fruits and veggies, and plenty of digestive enzymes, active probiotics, fiber, and other necessary nutrients – to build a whisker-licking dry food cats love. This recipe is 100% grain free, for cats with digestive issues and food sensitivities. 

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors/Varieties: Indoor & Weight Management; Anchovy, Sardine, & Salmon; Chicken; and Duck
  • 100% grain-free cat nutrition, crafted from premium, all-natural ingredients; does not contain corn, meat by-products, fillers, or artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
  • Made in the USA and backed by the Holistic Select Guarantee

Cost: $12-$35 (2.5 lbs. to 12 lbs.)

Natural Balance Indoor Ultra Dry Cat Food

At Natural Balance, expert feline nutritionists have created a natural cat food built specifically for the needs of indoor cats. Premium ingredients combine in great flavors that deliver a minimum 30% protein and 14% fat, in a dry food rich with omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help indoor (and/or inactive) cat maintain their weight and digestive health.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors: Rabbit & Salmon Meal and Chicken Meal & Salmon Meal
  • Natural cat food, perfectly formulated for the needs of indoor cats; contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors
  • Indoor cat formula promotes a healthy weight and digestive health, for less active cats

Cost: $17-$38 (5 lbs. to 15 lbs.)

Natural Planet Organics All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

Natural Planet is another of the top organic cat food brands available today, and for good reason: each bag is packed full of organic free-range chicken, fruits, vegetables and grains to achieve a wholesome nutritional balance. In addition to high protein levels, this dry food offers omega fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, as well as taurine and antioxidants – a balanced diet for cats of all ages.

Key features:

  • 1 Flavor, made from organic grains, organic vegetables, organic fruits, and free-range, organic chicken
  • Certified organic food, packaged in 100% compostable packaging
  • Made in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth

Cost: $32 (6.6 lbs.)

Newman’s Own Organics Adult Cat Food

Featuring a proprietary blend of high-quality proteins (including human-grade chicken), whole grains, fruits and vegetables, this organic cat food from Newman’s Own is formulated not only to meet, but to exceed the nutrient requirements established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrient Profiles. We love that this dry kibble contains chelated minerals to promote nutrient absorption, and that it’s naturally preserved with vitamin E.

Key features:

  • 1 Variety: Adult Cat Formula
  • Organic cat food, packed with organic chicken, brown rice, peas and carrots; free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives
  • Made in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth

Cost: $135 (8-pack of 3-pound bags)

Newman’s Own Premium Adult Cat Dry Formula (with Organic Ingredients)

Newman’s Own offers a range of organic cat foods, and this is one of the most popular: budget-friendly and made from approximately 70% organic ingredients, this dry cat food is formulated to meet the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient profiles for kittens, adult cats, and seniors. This food contains no wheat or corn, no artificial colors or flavor enhancers, and is free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives.

Key features:

  • 1 Flavor: Adult Cat
  • 70% organic, made with organic chicken, organic brown rice, organic oats, and organic vegetables
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $18-26 (4.75 lbs. or 2-pack of 3-lb. bags)
Organix Healthy Cat Organic Dry Cat Food

We’ll start with one of the most recognized and best organic cat food brands on the market: Organix. USDA certified organic, this tasty offering delivers healthy flavor – no corn, no wheat, no soy, and no fillers in sight. What’s more, this dry cat food uses organic brown rice, organic flaxseed, organic peas, and salmon meal to build natural sources of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber.

Key features:

  • 1 Flavor: Chicken & Brown Rice
  • USDA certified organic ingredients, free of antibiotics, chemical pesticides, added growth hormones, and synthetic fertilizers
  • Made in the USA with no ingredients from China

Cost: $16-$36 (4 lbs. or 12 lbs.)

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food

The theory behind Purina’s Beyond Natural cat food is simple: your choice of food is one of the most important decisions you can make for your cat. With this in mind, they’ve carefully selected each ingredient that comprises this dry cat food: real chicken, real fish, real grains, and real vegetables. Real foods, just like what you’d serve at your dinner table.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors: Herring, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe; White Meat Chicken & Whole Oat Meal Recipe; and Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Recipe, and Superfood Blend
  • High-quality ingredients, with protein (real chicken or fish) as the #1 ingredient; contains absolutely no poultry by-product meal
  • Made with natural ingredients and fortified with essential nutrients; no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors

Cost: $9-$27 (3 lbs. to 13 lbs.)

Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Pet parents know that cats can be downright wild, when the mood (or the full moon) strikes. Why not indulge their wild and crazy instincts with a food to match? Taste of the Wild may not be organic, but it’s one of the best natural cat foods out there: grain-free and with ingredients like roasted venison and wild salmon, this dry kibble mirrors what your cats would eat, if they lived in the wild.

Key features:

  • 3 Flavors: Trout & Salmon, Venison & Salmon, and Wild Canyon River
  • Grain-free natural cat food supports a healthy digestive system
  • Mirrors your cat’s ancestral diet: high in protein, amino acids, and antioxidants, and ideal for all life stages

Cost: $19-$31 (5 lbs. or 15 lbs.)

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

For kitties who can tolerate grains, this complete kibble offers well-rounded nutrition, sourced from authentic ingredients, including meat proteins, vegetables, and grains. The resulting – and tasty, according to your furry friends – natural cat food is well balanced to promote overall health, with a special emphasis on optimal nutrient absorption to promote a healthy skin and coat, urinary tract health, and a healthy digestive system.

Key features:

  • 8 Flavors/Varieties: Hairball Control Chicken, Healthy Weight, Indoor Chicken, Indoor Salmon & Whitefish, Chicken & Rice, Kitten, Salmon & Turkey, and Senior
  • All-natural cat food contains only premium, natural ingredients, and is guaranteed to be free of soy, wheat, corn and meat by-products, as well as from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • Made in the USA and backed by the Wellness Guarantee

Cost: $12-$33 (2.5 lbs. to 12 lbs.)

Wysong Vitality Feline Diet

When you value wholesome and natural, this dry cat food fits the bill: time-tested and nutrient rich, this natural cat food is made from fresh, whole ingredients, as well as a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients. The result is a food with minimum 36% protein and 16% fat, with none of the food fractions and artificial non-nutritional additives you don’t want to force on your kitty’s stomach.

Key features:

  • 3 Varieties: Vitality, Uretic (for Urinary Health), and Optimal Vitality (50% Protein)
  • No artificial additives or non-nutritional ingredients
  • Suitable as a stand-alone food or supplement for cats of all sizes, and all life stages

Cost: $12-$60 (5 lbs. or 20 lbs.)

Organic Cat Food for Kittens and Seniors

Organix Grain Free Organic Cat Food for Healthy Kittens

Flipping to the other end of age scale, kittens also have specific nutritional needs: plenty of protein and fat, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. This kitten-pleasing organic cat food features organic turkey, organic peas, organic potatoes and organic lentils, with none of the kitty no-no’s: no fillers, wheat, soy or corn, and of course no antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or added growth hormones. Nourish your kitties right, right from the start.

Key features:

  • 1 Flavor: Turkey, Peas & Lentils
  • USDA certified organic and crafted in organically certified kitchens
  • Made in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth, with no ingredients from China

Cost: $17 (4 lbs.)

Organix GrainFree Organic Cat Food for Seniors

Cats are considered seniors when they hit 11 years of age; as seniors, their nutritional needs change, which means their food should change, too. Enter this organic senior cat food, which is specially balanced to provide the protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and other requirements for your furry friends aged 11+. What’s more, you can rest assured that this grain-free dry food contains no soy, wheat, corn or fillers, and is always free of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Key features:

  • 1 Flavor: Chicken, Peas & Lentils
  • 100% grain-free, organic cat food with chicken as the #1 ingredient (34% protein)
  • Made in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth, with no ingredients from China

Cost: $22 (4 lbs.)

Wysong Optimal Geriatrx Feline Diet

As kitties grow older, their nutritional needs change. Wysong Geriatrx delivers what senior cats need: a genetically appropriate diet, with a wide spectrum of micronutrients, 48% protein, and dried meats and organs, including a first ingredient of organic protein – a must for older cats. This dry, senior cat food is comprised primarily of organic chicken, with additions of fish and turkey, as well as vegetables.

Key features:

  • 1 Variety: Geriatrx
  • Nutritional composition ideal for senior cats, including a high 48% protein content, with balanced fats, including natural omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and low carbohydrates (low glycemic index)
  • No artificial additives or non-nutritional ingredients or fillers

Cost: $17-$65 (5 lbs. or 20 lbs.)

Canned Organic Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

If you’ve ever see a cat on the hunt, you understand the power of instinct. Enter Blue Buffalo, with its grain-free, wild diet of chicken, turkey, duck and salmon: no corn, no wheat, no soy, and no grains – none of the things your cat wouldn’t find in the forest, in the fields, or in the sea. This grain-free, natural canned cat food offers a high-quality, easy alternative to raw diets.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors: Salmon, Duck, Turkey, and Chicken
  • High-protein, grain-free canned cat food mirrors your cat’s instinctual and ancestral diet
  • Made with real meat, with no corn, soy, wheat or by-products; does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives or flavors

Cost: $25-$35 (12-pack to 24-pack)

Evanger’s Organic Can Cat Food

If your cat gets excited when you cook chicken or turkey, she’ll love this organic cat food: made from holistic, organic chicken and naturally cooked in its own juices, it also incorporates fresh veggies, including pumpkin. This grain-free organic cat food contains no gluten, and meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors: Braised Chicken and Turkey with Butternut Squash
  • Certified organic cat food, made with quality chicken or turkey, braised in its own juices; Contains absolutely no artificial colors, additives, salt, preservatives or by-products
  • Made in the USA

Cost: $140 (Case of 24)

Halo Spot’s Pate Food for Cats

If you love the idea of whipping up a “stew” for your furry friends, but your cats aren’t quite so hot on the idea of chunky food floating in a gravy, then consider this the best of both worlds. Spot’s Pâté takes the same stew ingredients, and then blends them into a smoother, higher-protein recipe that’ll tickle your kitty’s palate.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Chicken & Beef, Ground Chicken, Ground Whitefish, Seafood Medley, Turkey & Duck, Turkey & Giblets, and Wild Salmon
  • Wholesome, natural ingredients mean no rendered meats, poultry or fish, animal or plant meals, and no processed ingredients, period
  • Additionally, does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no corn, wheat or wheat gluten

Cost: $20-$26 for a 12-pack

Holistic Select Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Wholesome doesn’t get much tastier than this all-natural, grain-free cat food, which blends premium meat, chicken and fish with real broth, eggs, hearty whole grains, and healthy vegetables. As this canned food offers well balanced nutrition, it may be served as a complete meal, or as an addition to dry cat food.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Chicken, Chicken & Lamb, Chicken & Whitefish, Ocean Fish & Tuna, Salmon & Shrimp, Turkey, and Turkey & Salmon
  • 100% grain-free, all-natural canned cat food, made with premium protein and high-quality natural ingredients; contains no soy, corn, wheat or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Made in North America and backed by the Holistic Select Guarantee

Cost: $35 for a 12-pack (large, 13-oz. cans)

I and Love and You All Natural Canned Cat Food

For allergy-prone pets, there is I and Love and You, and all-natural canned cat food made with exactly what you’d think: real fruits, real vegetables, and whole, deboned meat. The result is a grain-free, protein-packed wet food that’s safe for cats with sensitivities, digestive issues, and dangerous allergies.

Key features:

  • 10 Flavors/Varieties: Chicken Lickin’ Good, Chicky-Da-Lish, Oh My Cod!, Purky Turkey, Salmon Chanted Evening, Savory Salmon, Tuna Fintastic Stew, Whasically Wabbit, Wholly Cow!, and a Variety Pack
  • This protein-rich canned cat food incorporates real fruits and veggies, without dangerous additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives
  • Allergy-safe pet food is carrageenan free

Cost: $29-$36 for a 12-pack

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Cat Food Dinners

If you’re looking for a little something special in your organic cat food, check out this offering from Lily’s Kitchen. In addition to juicy, meaty tidbits, this canned food adds organic spirulina, a rich source of amino acids and micronutrients. Herbs, botanicals and other natural additions also promote urinary tract health, as well as alleviate digestive and GI problems.

Key features:

  • 4 Flavors: Chicken or available in a 4-Flavor Pack (Fish, Lamb, Turkey and Chicken)
  • 100% grain-free, organic cat food; contains no artificial ingredients, including artificial colors or preservatives
  • Formulated to prevent urinary tract and kidney issues

Cost: $33 for a 16-pack

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

For grain-free kitties that like to eat well, Merrick tempts the palate with this high-quality, natural wet food. The #1 ingredient in every can is deboned meat or poultry; what follows are fresh veggies and other wholesome ingredients to fill your cats’ bellies – without pumping them full of grains that irritate their sensitive digestion.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Surf & Turf Pâté, Duck Pâté, Chicken Pâté, Tuna Pâté, Turkey Pâté, Salmon Pâté, and Beef Pâté
  • 100% grain-free, natural canned cat food, fortified with vitamins and minerals for all life stages; contains no soy, corn, wheat or gluten
  • Made in the USA, with no ingredients from China

Cost: $16-$25 (7-pack or 14-pack)

Muse By Purina Masterpieces Natural Wet Cat Food

This cat food is Purina’s all natural product that has a difference you can see. Opening this can of food will make you feel good about what you’re giving your cat because you will be able to see each ingredient: the meat chunks, the diced vegetables and the creamy gravy that will entice surely please your cat.

Key Features:

  • 6 Flavors: Arctic Char, Chicken Recipe, Duck, Pheasant, Quail, and Tuna
  • Pate with all natural meat and real vegetables
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn or soy

Cost: $30 for a 24-pack

Natural Value Chunk Style Canned Cat Food

In the market for a super gourmet, ultra-delicious treat for your fur-babies? Enter Natural Value’s chunk-style canned cat foods, which feature ingredients like real sardines, real shrimp, real crab, real tuna, and other cat-pleasing goodies, packed in flavorful jellies. Almost as good, the epoxy can-lining is BPA free and the ingredients contain no GMOs, so you can rest easy knowing your purchase is not only good for your cats, but good for the environment.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Chunk Style Chicken & Sardines; Chunk Style Chicken & Tuna; Chunk Style Flaked Tuna Supreme; Chunk Style Mackerel in Jelly; Chunk Style Sardines in Jelly; Chunk Style Sardines with Shrimp & Crab; and Chunk Style Seafood Platter
  • 100% natural cat food is hand-packed with a BPA-free lining
  • Contains no fillers, preservatives or by-products

Cost: $29-$33 for a 24-pack

Natural Value Red Meat Tuna in Jelly Canned Cat Food

Have a kitty that loves tuna? You’ll love this line of grain-free canned cat food, which showcases sustainably-fished red meat tuna in flavorful jelly, topped with various cat-friendly morsels, including shrimp, mackerel and albacore tuna. Each can is hand-packed and contains no BPA.

Key features:

  • 5 Flavors: Red meat tuna, topped with albacore, chicken, crab, mackerel or shrimp
  • Made with sustainably fished (pole & line) tuna, GMO free with no by-products or preservatives
  • BPA-free cans are hand-packed for quality and freshness

Cost: $16-$36 for a 24-pack

Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Let your cats follow their instincts with this grain-free, canned cat food that delivers nourishment, fortified with the good stuff (like omega fatty acids) and without any of the bad stuff: no gluten, no corn, no soy, no wheat, and no fillers. Cats love the taste of their ancestral diet, which is good, since this canned food meets the nutritional needs of kittens, adults and seniors.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit, Salmon, and Venison
  • 100% grain free natural cat food has a nutritional makeup mirrors your cat’s ancestral diet: 95% protein and 5% fruits, vegetables and other wholesome ingredients, with no grains or gluten
  • Made in USA facilities

Cost: $23-$32 for a 12-pack

Organix Shredded and Pate Canned Organic Cat Food

If you’re after variety in organic cat food, Organix delivers with canned delicacies, available either as a pâté or shredded in gravy. Each can is stuffed full of USDA certified organic ingredients and additional nutrients, including omega-6 and omega- 3 fatty acids to help nourish skin and fur, and added fiber to help control hairballs – see additional hairball remedies.

Key features:

Cost: $24-$36 for a 24-pack

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food

If you demand to know exactly what your cats are eating, you’ll appreciate Purina Beyond Natural, a grain-free canned food with a recognizable ingredient list: real meat, poultry or fish, real vegetables, and real gravy. What it doesn’t have? Grains, for one – an important exclusion for cats with digestive issues. You also won’t find artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Key features:

  • 8 Flavors: Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe; Chicken, Beef & Carrot Recipe; Ocean Whitefish & Spinach Recipe; Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe; Trout & Catfish Recipe; Tuna, Mackerel & Carrot Recipe; Turkey, Sweet Potato & Spinach Recipe; and Wild Salmon Recipe
  • Each can contains plenty of real chicken, beef, turkey or fish
  • 100% grain-free, with no poultry by-products, wheat, corn or soy

Cost: $12 for a 12-pack

Tuffy’s Natural Planet Organic Canned Cat Food

A balanced diet is very important to cats, especially when they live indoors and don’t get the chance to hunt. Enter this ultra-premium, organic cat food – a nutrient-dense, protein-rich blend of nourishment, vitamins and minerals. This organic canned food meets the nutritional needs of all life stages, making it a good addition to multi-cat households.

Key features:

  • 2 Flavors: Chicken and Turkey
  • Suitable for both kittens and adult cats; simply adjust portions accordingly
  • Offers a balanced diet, complete with taurine, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids

Cost: $23-$28 (12-pack)

Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

We love ingredient lists we can actually read, so how’s this: real proteins (fish, chicken, beef and turkey), and real sweet potatoes, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, and other fruits and vegetables. Packed fresh and fortified with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, this natural cat food is also packed with enough water to boost your cat’s moisture intake.

Key features:

  • 10 Flavors: Chicken & Lobster; Beef & Chicken; Beef & Salmon; Chicken; Chicken & Herring; Kitten; Salmon & Trout; Salmon, Shrimp & Crab; Turkey; and Turkey & Salmon
  • All-natural, grain-free cat food made with only premium ingredients, meaning no meat-by products, no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial flavors
  • Made in North America and backed by the Wellness Guarantee

Cost: $40 for a 24-pack

Wellness CORE Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Sensitive kitties deserve a tasty, safe canned cat food, and Wellness is a top choice. This 100% grain-free, fish-free canned cat food incorporates real-food ingredients, like beef, lamb, chicken and venison, without any of the things your cat can’t stomach: there’s no wheat, corn, soy, or meat by-products, and no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in this can.

Key features:

  • 7 Flavors: Beef & Lamb, Best Sellers Variety Pack, Chicken & Turkey, Indoor Cat, Kitten, Turkey & Duck, Whitefish & Salmon
  • Protein-focused nutrition is 100% grain-free and nutritionally balanced, inspired by a cat’s naturally raw diet
  • Made in North America and backed by the Wellness Guarantee

Cost: $40-$58 (Pack of 24)

Wellness Signature Selects Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Wellness Signature has an ingredient list could make your mouth water: skipjack tuna, flaky salmon, fresh shrimp, and juicy chicken, prepared by hand and then hand-packed to preserve flavor and freshness. Even better, this natural canned cat food is grain free, so it’s an excellent choice for cats with sensitive GI tracts.

Key features:

  • 8 Flavors: Beef & Chicken, Chicken & Beef, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Turkey, Tuna & Shrimp, Tuna & Wild Salmon, and Turkey & Chicken
  • 100% grain-free nutrition, hand-packed in easy-to-serve, upside-down cans with easy-open lids
  • All-natural ingredients contain no corn, soy, wheat, wheat gluten or meat by-products, and no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Cost: $40 (Pack of 24)

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