Dogs and Dog Walker
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As any dog owner can agree, our dogs are the center of our lives. There are few relationships that compare to that of a dog and their owner. There is, however, one other person in your dog’s life that has an extra special bond with them. That person is your dog walker. Think about it—they are there caring for your dog rain, hail, or shine, giving them all of the walks they need to keep healthy and happy when you aren’t able to. Without them, you’d be rushing around trying to reorganize your schedule to try to fit in a walk. Or, dare we say it, skipping walks here and there.

Your dog walker is truly an invaluable part of your dog’s life, and subsequently, yours as well. So if you know that their birthday is coming up, why not treat them to a special present? Not only do they deserve it, but it’s also a brilliant way to express just how much you appreciate all that they do for your dog. Here are 4 gift ideas any dog walker is sure to adore.

A New Lead and/or Collar

Given that your dog walker is an expert in the art of walking dogs, gifting them a new lead and/or collar for their own beloved pooch is a wonderful idea. You really can’t have too many of either, especially with all of the varieties available on the market. After all, there are leads for different occasions, and collars of all different styles.

The key is to find one that matches your dog owner’s personality and interests. For example, if you know they often go hiking with their dog, you’ll want to opt for a lead fit for such conditions. Whereas if you know they’ve got a big personality and their dog does too, you can choose a collar that has an eye-catching color or pattern.

A Bouquet With a Twist

As we mentioned, there’s a lot to thank you dog owner for. So why not really pull out the big guns and surprise them with a bouquet? And no, not that type of bouquet. We’re talking about a bouquet that’s bursting with delicious chocolates and fruits!

Edible bouquets make a wonderful birthday gift for many reasons. Firstly, they’re visually stunning—the care put into each arrangement will truly make anyone stop and stare. Secondly, they’re an original gift idea that your dog owner is likely to not have received before. While we could go on, we’ll mention one more benefit—they’re absolutely mouthwatering. After all, it’s hard to find fault with handcrafted edible bouquets filled with fresh fruits and gourmet chocolates!

Dog Bath Products

Just like bath products are always a safe bet when it comes to gifts for your friends or family, bath products for dogs also make for a winning present! Considering that giving a dog a bath is definitely not on any dog owner’s list of favorite tasks, you can make the task that much more bearable by giving your dog owner some quality dog bath products.

As you’ll see, there are so many brands offering dog bath products. You may want to take a safe route and select a well-known brand. Many dog owners prefer to only buy natural products, so it may be best to choose products that are eco-friendly and also don’t contain any nasty chemicals. If you don’t have the faintest idea about which products to pick, check out this roundup of top choices.

A Gift Voucher to a Pet Shop

If you’d like to give a versatile gift that will be truly useful, you can’t look past a gift voucher to a pet shop. This is a particularly good choice if you don’t know too much about your dog walker or their dog. So why not let them choose to buy what they actually need or have always wanted to buy for their dog?

There are numerous online stores that sell all types of dog products, from food to accessories to accessories. If you know they’re after something particular for their dog, you can find a shop that specializes in that item. And don’t just consider an online store. It may be a nice idea to give them a voucher to a brick and mortar pet store in their area. Whichever shop you end up choosing, they’re bound to appreciate the opportunity to go on a little shopping spree for their pooch!