The Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Some dogs put their crates to the test. Anxiety, aggression, and sometimes pure power allow them to chew or push their way through standard wire or plastic crates. A heavy duty crate that’s built for everything your dog can dish out will keep him, your home, and you safe. Heavy duty crates aren’t for the… Read More

The Best Cat Costumes
Pet Clothes & Accessories

What is it about a cat in a costume that’s absolutely irresistible? Any cat owner knows their feline friends have a certain sophistication, but when that sophistication meets a cape or cap, it becomes adorable hilarity. Whether you’re entering a costume contest with your cat or just want a festive outfit for the holidays, there’s… Read More

The Best Cat Cages and Kennels

Cats have a mind of their own and need (demand) their own space. However, sometimes roaming freely through your home isn’t the best option. Cat cages and kennels keep your cat contained while you have guests, you’re at work, or when you’re traveling with your favorite feline. Most models are multi-level with ramps, platforms, or… Read More

The Best Dog Halloween Costumes
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Pug or poodle, the breed doesn’t matter, they all look adorable (and funny) dressed as a cowboy or Superman. Dog Halloween costumes spread the fun and joy of Halloween to everyone in your family, including the furry four-legged one. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and they let you turn your Shitzu into a… Read More

Pet Travel

Pets are more than a furry friend. They’re a part of your family, and who wants to leave their cuddliest member at home? Dog carrier purses let you travel across the globe or take your dog on a lunch date. If you’re worried about getting a few stares, today’s dog carrier purses disguise your little… Read More

The Best Dog Bark Control Collars
Dog Training

Non-stop barking is enough to drive you crazy and create a rift between you and your neighbors. Your dog’s barking may stem from anxiety, a territorial nature, or you may have a breed like a Beagle that simply barks more than others. You love your dog, but, for the sake everyone’s sanity, you may need… Read More