The Best Dog Day Care in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you work full-time or have to occasionally spend a full day away from your dog, it can be difficult to find an excellent dog day care provider in Scottsdale, Arizona. After all, you can’t trust just anyone with your furbaby’s care. We understand the struggle, and we’ve looked through all of the dog day… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you traveling, getting some renovations done on your home, or otherwise in need of someone to take your dog for a few days or even a few weeks? If so, looking for dog boarding on might be your best bet. dog boarders are individuals who take dogs into their homes to care… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in Madison, WI

If you’ve been feeling the urge to get out of town, you might feel a bit hesitant to leave your dog behind. Your furry BFF is part of the family for sure, but it’s often difficult to bring him along on vacation, and if you’re traveling for work, it’s just about impossible. Maybe you’re not… Read More

The Best Dog Day Care in Santa Monica, CA

Whether our pups like it or not, many of us need to work outside the home. For a dog, spending eight or nine hours alone in the house without any potty breaks and interaction might be too hard, and some dogs will develop separation anxiety or start chewing up the sofa out of boredom. Even… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in San Diego, CA

As a dog owner, it can be difficult to plan for leisure or business travel if you don’t have a reliable boarding facility where you can leave your pup and know that he is in great hands. is a website that allows pet owners just like you to find excellent care for their furry… Read More

The Best Dog Day Care in Memphis, TN

It’s always hard to leave your best furry friend home when you are away for the day. You might worry that your dog will get lonely or bored or that he will cause some destruction around the house while you’re not there to keep an eye on him. The good news is that there are… Read More

The Best Senior Dog Foods
Pet Food & Treats

Dogs age just like humans do, albeit a lot faster. If you have a small dog who is 11 years old or a large dog who is 8, he’s considered a senior. Some senior dogs do just fine sticking to their typical adult diet, but others do better if they have food that is made… Read More

The Best Healthy Dog Treats
Pet Food & Treats

Dogs certainly love their treats! And as a dog parent, you want to be sure that what you’re giving your best furry friend is healthy and good for him. Dog treats come in a variety of healthy options, from jerky treats to vegan, gluten-free, and organic treats. You know what your pooch likes best, but… Read More

The Best Cat Deterrent Sprays

As much we love our kitties, sometimes they do things we’re not so fond of, like scratching the furniture or chewing on the rug. Cat deterrent sprays can help you teach your cat not to engage in these activities. Another reason you might need a cat repellent spray is if you have stray cats coming… Read More

The Best High Fiber Dog Food
Pet Food & Treats

Every dog has different dietary needs, and as the owner of a furbaby, you might need to do a bit of research to find out exactly what kind of food would be best for your favorite four-legged friend. Dogs with sensitive stomachs and those with diabetes often do well on a high-fiber diet. Some dogs… Read More

The Best Low Fat Dog Foods
Pet Food & Treats

All dogs have different dietary needs, and if your dog is overweight or has a digestive condition that causes her to not be able to process much fat in her diet, you might need a low fat dog food. These foods come in various formulations, so it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian… Read More

The Best Dry Cat Food
Pet Food & Treats

As the owner of a cat, you want to know that you are feeding your cat the right type of food. Cats can be a bit finicky, and their tastes vary widely. Some cats prefer wet food, while others will only eat dry food. Dry food has the advantage of being less messy than some… Read More

The Best Vegan Cat Foods
Pet Food & Treats

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you might want your dog to follow a plant-based diet as well. Dogs can do well on a vegetarian or vegan diet as long as they are getting their nutritional needs met. Choosing high-quality vegan food is important if you want your dog to thrive as a vegetarian! If… Read More

The Best Freeze Dried Dog Food
Pet Food & Treats

Every dog-lover wants the best for their furry friend. Choosing a diet for your dog can be a challenge. Many people like the idea of a raw diet but simply don’t have the time or desire to process raw meat and other ingredients into food that is nutritionally sound for their dog. Freeze-dried dog food… Read More

The Best Raw Cat Food
Pet Food & Treats

Your cat’s biggest jobs might be holding down your furniture during the day and chasing her toys at night, but in the wild, cats are avid hunters. The most natural way to feed a cat is to give them raw food. Since you might not be up for hunting for mice and birds to present… Read More

The Best Live Aquarium Plants
Fish & Reptile Care

If you enjoy keeping fish, you might be interested in also keeping live aquarium plants. Real plants add visual appeal to your fish tank, but even more importantly, they produce oxygen that your fish need while absorbing some of the carbon dioxide and ammonia that your fish produce. There is a wide variety of plants… Read More

The Best Bird Baths
Pet Toys & Entertainment

Watching birds is a fun hobby, and one of the best way to see birds up-close-and-personal is to attract them to your yard. In addition to bird feeders, which you can find in our list of the best bird feeders, consider adding a bird bath to your yard or patio. Bird baths come in many… Read More

The Best Fish Tanks
Fish & Reptile Care

If you are looking forward to becoming a fish owner or if you have or will be getting a turtle or another animal that can live in a glass aquarium, you might be in the market for a fish tank. Fish tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes: There are small starter kits… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

Let’s face it: Veterinary care can be expensive. The good news is that your pet insurance plan doesn’t have to be. Pet insurance can help you manage your out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to taking your pet to the vet for injuries and illnesses. Some also help out with the cost of routine care. There… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

If you have a pet, you know how expensive veterinary care can be. In an effort to offset the costs of keeping their pets in excellent health, many pet owners choose to purchase pet insurance for their cats and dogs. There are a lot of different insurance plans out there to compare, so how do… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

Pet insurance has become an increasingly popular option among pet owners, and for good reason: Veterinary bills can be expensive, and no pet parent wants to make an agonizing decision based on whether they can afford Care. Pets Best Pet Insurance is one company that you might consider using for your pet insurance needs. They… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

Are you the proud owner of a cat or dog? If so, you have probably considered getting them pet insurance. Petplan is a pet insurance company that provides comprehensive coverage to kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs. Their coverage is flexible and it covers some services that not all pet insurance companies do. Read on to learn… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

Pet owners often make the decision to carry pet insurance on their beloved cats or dogs. Having a reliable insurance company behind you allows you to make medical decisions with your veterinarian that don’t depend only on your budget. Petfirst Pet Insurance is one popular plan. They offer good coverage, peace of mind, and one… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

Pet insurance is a product that all pet owners should consider to reduce their out-of-pocket costs in the event that their beloved furbaby becomes ill or is injured. Trupanion is a pet insurance company that offers a range of benefits, including one simple plan, no age limitations, and the ability to pay veterinarians directly within… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

If you are a pet-owner, you might have considered various options for pet insurance. One popular option to look into is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. They offer a variety of benefits, including quick turnaround on claims and no lifetime caps. This is a solid company that might be right for you and your pets. In… Read More

Pet Insurance & Safety

For dog and cat (and puppy and kitten) owners looking for pet insurance, Embrace Pet Insurance is one company to consider. They offer coverage for not only accidents and illness but also routine wellness visits and preventative care. This is a reputable company that you can rely on for help in paying for your pet’s… Read More

How Does Pet Insurance Work?
Pet Insurance & Safety

If you own a pet, you know that veterinary bills can be expensive. Since your pet is a member of your family, of course you want to do everything possible to help him live a long and healthy life. This means that both routine and non-routine vet visits are going to be par for the… Read More

What Do You Need for a New Hamster?
Getting a New Pet

Hamsters are adorable and popular little pets. Often, they are purchased on a whim; someone sees a hamster in a pet supply store and falls in love. While hamsters are small and require little maintenance, they still do require some preparation if you are to keep them happy and healthy in your home. We want… Read More

What Do You Need for Your New Kitten?
Getting a New Pet

Who doesn’t love kittens? They are tiny, fluffy, and adorable. Kittens are hilarious when they jump around and heartwarmingly sweet when they snuggle in for a nap. If you are planning to add a new kitten to your household, you are probably very excited and eager to watch your new little one play, discover, and… Read More

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?
Pet Insurance & Safety

You might not dream of going without health insurance for yourself; in fact, in many cases, it’s the law that people maintain some sort of health insurance to cover preventative care as well as to limit their liability if they were to get seriously ill or injured.  Only a tiny fraction of cats and dogs… Read More

The Best GPS Cat Trackers & Collars
Pet Tech Products

As a cat owner, sometimes it can be tricky to keep track of your feline friend. A GPS cat tracking collar can make it easier to know exactly where your cat is. Even if your cat isn’t supposed to go outside, a tracking collar might make sense, particularly if you have moved to a new… Read More

Getting Ready for Your New Puppy
Getting a New Pet

Adding a new puppy to your household will bring you joy, love, and a lot of laughter. Puppies are just like any other baby and will entertain you and fill your heart as they learn about their new home and about the world in general. Just as you would not bring a human baby into… Read More

The Best Aquarium Hoods
Fish & Reptile Care

If you have an aquarium, chances are good that you have or need an aquarium hood. An aquarium hood, which can also be called a canopy, or lid, is a plastic or glass barrier that covers the top of the aquarium. Many include lights, though some do not. They come in many sizes to accommodate… Read More

The Best Aquarium Lights
Fish & Reptile Care

If you are the proud owner of a fish tank, you probably know that an aquarium light is recommended. Lighting fulfills a few purposes, from mimicking a fish’s natural environment to making it easier for you to detect problems with your fish or with the aquarium when they occur. If you have live plants in… Read More

The Best Aquarium Pumps
Fish & Reptile Care

If you have an aquarium, you might also need to have an aquarium pump. An aquarium pump has a few different functions. First, they introduce air to the tank, which your fish need to get oxygen from the water. They also provide water movement that is necessary for the filter to work. Finally, a reliable… Read More

The Best Cat Hammocks
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

If you have a cat, you know she loves to lounge around. Soft, comfortable furniture is the key to keeping your feline friend happy and content. Another feature that cats love is a high vantage point. Kitties enjoy being up off of the floor; sometimes, they even like being as close to the ceiling as… Read More

The Best Rawhide for Dogs
Pet Toys & Entertainment

Dogs need to chew, some more than others. If you are looking for a way to satisfy your dog’s need to chew on items without sacrificing your slippers, rawhide is an option to consider. Made of cow hide, these treats come in many shapes and can be a delicious way for your dog to stay… Read More

The Best LED Dog Collars
Pet Walking Essentials

If you have your dog out at night or in the water, an LED collar is sometimes needed so you can maintain good visibility. These collars are used in place of or alongside your dog’s regular collar. Another popular option is to attach an LED light to a regular collar with a clip. We have… Read More

The Best Dog Bandanas
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Many people choose to put bandanas on their dogs. They are a fun way to express your personality and celebrate special occasions. Some dog bandanas can even keep your dog cool. We have reviewed dozens of dog bandanas to identify the best of the best. We considered quality, appearance, fit, cooling features where applicable, and… Read More

The Best Cow Hooves for Dogs
Pet Toys & Entertainment

If you have a puppy or an adult dog, you know that they love to chew! Rather than allow your furry friend to chew on your slippers or on your furniture, you should offer him items to chew on. Cow hooves are a popular dog treat that your dog might enjoy under proper supervision. We… Read More

The Best Dog Collars
Pet Walking Essentials

Anyone who has a dog should have one or more collars for the dog. A dog collar has several different functions: It allows you to attach a leash for walks. It also gives you a “handle” to hold onto the dog to prevent him from getting into trouble while at home or elsewhere. In addition,… Read More

How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever
How to Take Care of Pets

Can you picture a large, golden-colored dog romping through your backyard, sleeping on your couch, playing with your children and joining your family with whatever they are doing? If so, you might be the perfect candidate to get a Golden Retriever as a pet. Golden Retrievers, often simply called Goldens, are as friendly and fun-loving… Read More