The Best Cow Ears for Dogs
Pet Toys & Entertainment

One of your dog’s favorite activities is chewing. He or she will chew on just about anything if given the chance, which can be both unhealthy for your dog and destructive to your house. Fortunately, a bag of cow ears for dogs can keep your dog entertained in a healthy and productive way. There are… Read More

The Best LED Dog Leashes
Pet Walking Essentials

It can be difficult to see your dog well at night, especially for motorists who may pass by you during your evening stroll with your dog. Using an LED dog leash makes you and your dog more visible, which can help reduce injuries. We reviewed dozens of LED dog leashes to figure out which ones… Read More

The Best Leather Dog Leashes
Pet Walking Essentials

If you own a dog, then you own a leash. While most leashes are made out of nylon or other synthetic materials, you can find high-quality leashes made out of leather. In fact, many pet owners prefer leather leashes to other materials. Finding a leather leash with the right combination of features for your needs… Read More

The Best Dog Hair Bows
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Any fashion-forward pet parent knows how cute their beloved dog looks dressed up. That’s why we created our guide to the best dog dresses. A dog hair bow can help complete the look. Having the right bow can do more than just complete an outfit. It can be the focal point of your dog’s look… Read More

The Best Dog Paw Protectors
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Dog paw protectors keep your dog’s paws safe against the cold snow, hot pavement, or sharp rocks. Depending on what climate you live in or how you spend time with your dog, having dog paw protectors on hand can make it easier to go on long walks with your pup no matter the weather. Check… Read More

The Best Pig Ears for Dogs
Pet Toys & Entertainment

Dogs love to eat things and they love to chew on things. So, if you don’t give them something to chew on, they will eat the things that you don’t want them to. We’ve reviewed the best dog chew toys in a previous post, but if you’re looking for a consumable treat that will also… Read More

The Best Dog Dresses
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Many dog owners like to include their dogs in their special events. Whether it is dressing up for a day or getting ready for a big event, there are times when your dog is going to need a dress. Dog dresses make it easy to give your dog a special appearance so that she can… Read More

The Best Retractable Dog Leashes
Pet Walking Essentials

Dog owners know that they must have a leash for their dogs practically anywhere they take them. While traditional rope leases are reliable and easy to come by, they are lacking in many areas. Retractable dog leashes offer far more in terms of benefits, ease of use, and functionality. That is why many dog owners… Read More

The Best Dog Travel Bags
Pet Travel

Dogs have a lot of stuff. From harnesses and collars to leashes, food bowls, poop bags, and even sunscreen, traveling with your favorite pet often means that you need to bring along their stuff. Having a dog travel bag to carry everything with you makes traveling with your pet easier. For pet owners who take… Read More

The Best Dog Winter Coats
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Whether or not you live in a cold climate, your dog may benefit from wearing a dog winter coat. Dog winter coats can keep your dog warm when it’s cold outside and dry from the cold rain if it has a waterproof lining. Plus, many dog winter coats serve as a fun fashion statement, with… Read More

The Best Electronic Dog Doors
Pet Tech Products

If you’re a dog owner with a beautiful backyard or patio, an electronic dog door can provide your dog with a secure way to access the outside without you having to get up to let them out. Electronic doors (also known as automatic dog doors) can be permanently or temporarily installed, so if you live… Read More

The Best Dog Bike Trailers
Pet Travel

If you are a dog owner that likes to ride a bicycle, a dog bike trailer can enable you to safely bring your dog with you on your bike ride. There are different dog bike trailers available, depending on the size of your dog and what features you need. Some of the dog bikes collapse… Read More

The Best Guinea Pig Food
Pet Food & Treats

If you own a guinea pig, you need to feed your pet each day with a high-quality diet designed for guinea pigs that will keep your pet healthy. There are a variety of commercially available guinea pig foods to choose from. It can be difficult to know which pet food to go with, as some… Read More

The Best Dog Blankets
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

As a dog owner, you want your dog to be comfortable, warm, and well-rested. A dog blanket that’s created specifically for your dog may feature a cute dog print or have features that make it ideal for your dog. The best dog blanket often depends on your pet’s size and needs. Larger dogs need larger… Read More

The Best Guinea Pig Cages
Pet Cages, Crates & Accessories

If you own a guinea pig or plan to adopt one in the future, you know the importance of choosing a guinea pig cage. You want a model that will give your pet space to roam around while being safely contained from hazards. With multi-level cages and options marketed toward other pets like rabbits, it… Read More