The Best Indestructible Dog Beds
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

Just like your human children will always be your babies, your dog will always be your puppy. Unfortunately, for some that’s all too real when they have a dog that, even when he’s full-grown still carries on with typically “puppy-like” destructive tendencies. You may expect a puppy to destroy his fluffy bed a time or… Read More

The Best Dog Toothbrushes
Pet Dental & Nail Care

While brushing your dog’s teeth is not the most enjoyable part of being a pet parent, it is a necessary one, so finding a way to take care of his teeth is an absolute must. If he sits still and allows you to brush his teeth, all the better for you but if your dog… Read More

The Best Cat Leashes
Pet Walking Essentials

You may have never thought you’d be getting your cat a leash – it isn’t an automatic necessity for a cat like it is for a dog, after all. Cats can usually exercise themselves, don’t tend to enjoy walks like a dog does, and usually stay pretty close to the home that feeds them, so… Read More

The Best Styptic Powders & Solutions for Pets

While you may not ever plan for your pet to bleed, the truth is that the unexpected sometimes happens – and it often happens when trimming your pet’s nails and you accidentally cut into the quick. When you encounter this with your pet, you’ll want something to stop the blood fast. For reference, the process to… Read More

The Best Personalized Dog Collars
Pet Walking Essentials

If you have a dog, you’ll need to get him a dog collar. You will want it immediately recognizable that he has a family who loves him, otherwise your dog can get away from you and be picked up by the local dog shelter. If he’s not micro-chipped, he may actually be euthanized at that… Read More

The Best Chlorhexidine Products for Dogs

Your dog may not be able to tell you outright when something’s going on with him but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to tell, anyway. Whether he’s scratching or licking or even if he’s chewing more tentatively than usual, you’ll be interested in chlorhexidine for your dog as an addition to his care… Read More

The Best Turtle Tanks
Fish & Reptile Care

You may think a fish tank is the same as a turtle tank, but the needs of your turtle will vary from that of a fish or even other reptiles. Within the turtle species, even, there are variances of need. If you have a dessert turtle, you won’t need the tank to be waterproof, but… Read More

The Best Dog Repellent Sprays
Dog Training

If you’re struggling to maintain a training regimen that your dog will stick with, you may need to find help. There may not be a substitute that is as effective as consistent interaction with your dog, but the unfortunate reality is that people don’t often have that kind of time to spend with a new… Read More

The Best Cat Beds
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

While your cat may love to sleep in your bed with you at night, a cat’s sleeping schedule does not adhere to your own. That means he’ll be sleeping a lot more of the day than you do and as such will need a place to sleep while you’re awake and moving. So even if… Read More

The Best Bird Cages

While a parrot may be the only pet you ever have who can actually talk to you, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to tell you what he wants in a cage. Because of this fact, most of the time you’re on your own in picking the right cage. And without any background knowledge… Read More

For a lot of puppy parents, training a dog is a long and grueling process. If you’re struggling with either the method you’ve chosen or even just where to start, the dog training clicker is a wonderful choice to aide your dog in his training. It may not be an “easy” button in the sense… Read More

The Best Dog Ramps
Pet Houses, Fences & Gates

We may think of our dogs as just another member of our family, but sometimes its more obvious than others that they walk on four legs rather than two. Being only a foot from the ground keeps them from using our furniture the same. They can’t just sit or lie down in bed and they… Read More

The Best Cat Pheromone Sprays

If you are struggling with the behavior your cat is exhibiting either when you’re gone or with you right there, there may be an easy fix. Spraying a cat pheromone spray can calm or deter your cat into a being well-behaved one. Cat pheromones are a prime example of a one-step fix; should they work…. Read More

The Best Dog Food Storage Containers

If you have a dog, there’s a reasonable assumption that you’ll have a bit of food stored for him, as well. Unless you make his own food, you’ll need a separate place to store that food, as well. You probably won’t want to go out and buy him fresh food for each meal, so a… Read More

The Best Cat Harnesses
Pet Walking Essentials

Taking your cat on walks isn’t necessarily something you expect to do when you adopt a cat; but it’s definitely something you should consider. Not all cats will love the leash experience at first, but finding a way to take them out and let them experience the world is hugely beneficial to their quality of… Read More

The Best Dog Bowl Stands

If you don’t bend your neck and scrunch your shoulders to eat, why would you force your dog to do it? In fact, if you could buy an improved version of something your dog already needs to make him a bit more comfortable, we’re betting you would certainly look carefully at doing so. A dog… Read More

The Best Dog Anxiety Vests

It’s absolutely heart breaking when your dog, who fancies himself your protector, whimpers or shakes with anxiety. Whether we like it or not, no dog -big or small, is immune from anxiety. And they don’t always show their anxiety in such timid ways, either. If you’re struggling with your dog and his anxious responses to… Read More

The Best Cat Litter
Pet Cleaning Supplies

While you may love living with your cat, there’s very likely one part that you’re not very keen on: cleaning up his potty habits. Unless you have an outdoor cat, there’s every reason to expect that your furry friend will leave you a mess to clean up several times a day and while there’s nothing… Read More

The Best Dog Raincoats
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Unless you have a dog who has been trained to use the restroom like a human, there’s a pretty good chance your dog will need to go to the bathroom in the rain at some point. Having a dog means dealing with the wet dog consequences of those rainy potty trips. It means paw prints… Read More

The Best Small Dog Sweaters
Pet Clothes & Accessories

Domesticated dogs have come a long way from their wolf ancestors. In some instances, we mean that quite literally. A dog that has been bred for shorter hair, or originated in warmer climates is not suited to the cold Northern winters. Yet, as humanity migrates, relocates, and travels, we bring our beloved pets with us;… Read More

The Best Dog Car Barriers
Pet Travel

As the years go on, the world is becoming more and more pet friendly. Of course, a lot of that depends on your are; some are more pet accessible than others, but gone are the days of only taking your pup to the vet. Besides dog parks and walking your puppers around for exercise, you’ll… Read More

Sometimes you just know when something isn’t right with your pup. When the microbes in your dog’s stomach are disrupted or destroyed, your dog may suffer from upset stomach, diarrhea, skin conditions, allergies, and a general decline in health. The good news is that you can give your dog specially formulated probiotic and prebiotic supplements… Read More

Dog Training

Dog training collars, also known as e-collars or shock collars, are commonly used tools for a variety of training purposes. Whether you want to train your dog not to bark when guests come to your home, teach him field recall, to obey commands, or more sophisticated training for hunting purposes, an e-collar can be a… Read More