After all the time you’ve put in and all the dirt that’s gotten under your fingernails, there’s nothing worse than your dog spending a rambunctious five minutes and destroying it all. We’re talking about your well-tended flowerbeds that often fall victim to our canine companions. If you long for the day when you can enjoy… Read More

Fi Smart Dog Collar Review

Your dog is a member of your family, and it’s your job and pleasure to keep him safe. Leashes and fences are often up for this challenge, but not always. For example, if you go camping or hiking, your dog might be allowed to wander in a safe area off-leash. And if you have a… Read More

The Best Smart Dog Collars

We like to take our dogs everywhere with us. But in order to keep them safe, we need to keep an eye on them as much as possible. Smart dog collars track your dog when worn and connected correctly, allowing you to safely travel with your pooch or just hang out in the yard. From… Read More

Dog wearing a pink Muttropolis City Parka Dog Jacket

The holidays are right around the corner which means it’s time to get started on holiday gift shopping. Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, especially for the dog that has everything. Have no fear, we’re here to help. Check out some of our favorite gifts that will make any pup’s tail wag with joy!… Read More

The Best Dog Day Care in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you work full-time or have to occasionally spend a full day away from your dog, it can be difficult to find an excellent dog day care provider in Scottsdale, Arizona. After all, you can’t trust just anyone with your furbaby’s care. We understand the struggle, and we’ve looked through all of the dog day… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you traveling, getting some renovations done on your home, or otherwise in need of someone to take your dog for a few days or even a few weeks? If so, looking for dog boarding on might be your best bet. dog boarders are individuals who take dogs into their homes to care… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in Madison, WI

If you’ve been feeling the urge to get out of town, you might feel a bit hesitant to leave your dog behind. Your furry BFF is part of the family for sure, but it’s often difficult to bring him along on vacation, and if you’re traveling for work, it’s just about impossible. Maybe you’re not… Read More

The Best Dog Day Care in Santa Monica, CA

Whether our pups like it or not, many of us need to work outside the home. For a dog, spending eight or nine hours alone in the house without any potty breaks and interaction might be too hard, and some dogs will develop separation anxiety or start chewing up the sofa out of boredom. Even… Read More

The Best Dog Boarding in San Diego, CA

As a dog owner, it can be difficult to plan for leisure or business travel if you don’t have a reliable boarding facility where you can leave your pup and know that he is in great hands. is a website that allows pet owners just like you to find excellent care for their furry… Read More

The Best Dog Day Care in Memphis, TN

It’s always hard to leave your best furry friend home when you are away for the day. You might worry that your dog will get lonely or bored or that he will cause some destruction around the house while you’re not there to keep an eye on him. The good news is that there are… Read More

Pet Food & Treats

Are you looking for a high protein cat food that’s made with healthy ingredients in a human-grade facility? If so, look no further than Smalls. Veterinarians and other cat experts agree that the best foods for cats are high in animal protein and moisture and very low in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, few cat foods tick all… Read More

Dog in car

By Monica Weymouth For some dogs, there’s no better treat than a road trip with their favorite humans. But for other pups, even short car rides can be extremely stressful. Do whining, drooling, panting, and even vomiting sound familiar? Your pup may be experiencing travel-related anxiety. While it’s certainly no fun—for dogs or their chauffeurs!—there’s… Read More

A Calm Dog

Whether your pup is a mile-a-minute, hyperactive Energizer battery on four legs or they just can’t handle those car rides or unexpected visitors, getting them to calm down is an invaluable skill. Keeping or getting your dog calm has many benefits, such as preventing possible accidents, fear-related behaviors, and reducing blood pressure. When a dog… Read More

27 Vets & Pet Professionals Share the Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Are you thinking about expanding your family with a four-legged friend? If you have kids, it’s essential to select a dog breed that’s well-known for getting along with children. After all, each member of your family—both small and tall—should feel comfortable around your dog, and vice versa. You shouldn’t need to worry about your children… Read More

The Best Indestructible Dog Beds
Pet Beds, Furniture & Accessories

Just like your human children will always be your babies, your dog will always be your puppy. Unfortunately, for some that’s all too real when they have a dog that, even when he’s full-grown still carries on with typically “puppy-like” destructive tendencies. You may expect a puppy to destroy his fluffy bed a time or… Read More

The Best Dog Toothbrushes
Pet Dental & Nail Care

While brushing your dog’s teeth is not the most enjoyable part of being a pet parent, it is a necessary one, so finding a way to take care of his teeth is an absolute must. If he sits still and allows you to brush his teeth, all the better for you but if your dog… Read More

The Best Cat Leashes
Pet Walking Essentials

You may have never thought you’d be getting your cat a leash – it isn’t an automatic necessity for a cat like it is for a dog, after all. Cats can usually exercise themselves, don’t tend to enjoy walks like a dog does, and usually stay pretty close to the home that feeds them, so… Read More

The Best Styptic Powders & Solutions for Pets

While you may not ever plan for your pet to bleed, the truth is that the unexpected sometimes happens – and it often happens when trimming your pet’s nails and you accidentally cut into the quick. When you encounter this with your pet, you’ll want something to stop the blood fast. For reference, the process to… Read More

The Best Personalized Dog Collars
Pet Walking Essentials

If you have a dog, you’ll need to get him a dog collar. You will want it immediately recognizable that he has a family who loves him, otherwise your dog can get away from you and be picked up by the local dog shelter. If he’s not micro-chipped, he may actually be euthanized at that… Read More

The Best Chlorhexidine Products for Dogs

Your dog may not be able to tell you outright when something’s going on with him but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to tell, anyway. Whether he’s scratching or licking or even if he’s chewing more tentatively than usual, you’ll be interested in chlorhexidine for your dog as an addition to his care… Read More

The Best Turtle Tanks
Fish & Reptile Care

You may think a fish tank is the same as a turtle tank, but the needs of your turtle will vary from that of a fish or even other reptiles. Within the turtle species, even, there are variances of need. If you have a dessert turtle, you won’t need the tank to be waterproof, but… Read More

The Best Dog Repellent Sprays
Dog Training

If you’re struggling to maintain a training regimen that your dog will stick with, you may need to find help. There may not be a substitute that is as effective as consistent interaction with your dog, but the unfortunate reality is that people don’t often have that kind of time to spend with a new… Read More

Pet Food & Treats

Are you looking for value in your dry dog food? If so, look no further than Amazon. Their private label products, produced under the brand name Wag, are relative newcomers to the pet food market. Wag’s dry dog foods are available in a variety of flavors: Lamb & Lentil – Formulated for All Life Stages… Read More

The Best Senior Dog Foods
Pet Food & Treats

Dogs age just like humans do, albeit a lot faster. If you have a small dog who is 11 years old or a large dog who is 8, he’s considered a senior. Some senior dogs do just fine sticking to their typical adult diet, but others do better if they have food that is made… Read More

The Best Healthy Dog Treats
Pet Food & Treats

Dogs certainly love their treats! And as a dog parent, you want to be sure that what you’re giving your best furry friend is healthy and good for him. Dog treats come in a variety of healthy options, from jerky treats to vegan, gluten-free, and organic treats. You know what your pooch likes best, but… Read More

Sick Dog
Pet Digestive Issues & Care

There’s nothing that summons a crummy day quite like a 3 am ‘I’ve made a mess on the floor’ whine from your diarrheal dog. Not only do you have a mess to clean up, but you also have the worry that something isn’t right with your canine companion. For long term or severe diarrhea, nothing… Read More

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

In recent years, CBD has become popular as a natural supplement that can be used to treat and manage a wide range of health issues in humans. Many pet parents are also discovering that it can help improve the lives of their companion animals. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD (cannabidiol) from the cannabis… Read More

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a liquid extract derived from the cannabis plant. It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), leading to a wide range of beneficial effects. Although more research is needed into the effects of CBD on animals, anecdotal evidence suggests that it helps ease anxiety, pain, and inflammation in pets. It is also… Read More

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Arthritis

If you’re the pet parent of a dog that suffers from arthritis, you’ll know that it can be difficult to manage their pain and discomfort. CBD oil is a natural remedy that’s made by extracting CBD (cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant. It’s trusted by thousands of pet parents around the world for the treatment and… Read More

The Best Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD (cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant. In recent years, it has become more and more popular as a natural remedy for a wide range of health problems. These days, a growing number of companies are offering CBD oil for dogs. And while little research has been done on the… Read More

CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain: Do CBD Dog Treats Work for Joint Pain?

Joint pain can seriously infringe on your dog’s quality of life so, naturally, you want to do everything you can to reduce it. If you’ve tried anti-inflammatories and basic painkillers with little improvement, and don’t yet want to commit to strong opioid painkillers, it’s worth trying CBD dog treats for joint pain. The active ingredient,… Read More

CBD Oil for Cats: What's the Right Anxiety Dosage?

Cats can be sensitive animals and even a small change in your daily routine can cause anxiety in some felines. Other cats are more resilient, but large upheavals such as a house move or a new baby can throw them into a tailspin. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants, offering calming benefits… Read More

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs: Which is Better?

The hemp plant has some excellent medicinal and wellness properties that can benefit dogs, but for the uninitiated, it’s tough to know where to start. Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? And what about cannabis? Is that the same thing as hemp? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we investigate hemp… Read More

The Best CBD Dog Treats

We all love our pets, and there is no doubt there. We love them, groom them, take them for walks, we even buy them toys – that usually get torn apart, and we buy them again! Another thing that we also give to our dogs is treats. Of course, our pups think that treats are… Read More

The Best CBD Pet Treats

Whether your pet is suffering from arthritis, general joint pain, or anxiety, CBD pet treats could be the answer. CBD pet treats make it easy to administer CBD to your pet, giving all the same benefits without the fuss of trying to wrangle your pet into accepting a squirt of CBD oil straight into the… Read More